Types of military subpoenas

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Types of military subpoenas

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In connection with the war, one of the most urgent questions is those related to the conscription for military service, as well as the documents that notify about the conscription. One of such documents is a subpoena. But you need to understand exactly what subpoenas are in order to respond to them correctly.

Types of military subpoenas - exam test 1For conscripts, there are the following types of subpoenas:

  • Summons for Clarification of Credentials – issued to a conscript to make changes to credential information, such as place of residence, place of employment, marital status, etc.
  • A summons for a medical examination is issued to a conscript to determine his suitability for military service.
  • A summons for conscription for military service is issued to a conscript who has reached the age of 18 and does not have the right to be exempted from conscription for military service.
  • A summons to a training meeting is given to a conscript who has the military rank of a reserve officer, for training on the defense of Ukraine.
  • A summons for enlistment in military service under a contract is issued to a conscript who has expressed a desire to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine under a contract.

Summonses are delivered personally to a conscripted person against a receipt.

Refusal to receive a summons or failure to appear at the summons of the Military Commissariat is a violation of the legislation of Ukraine and entails responsibility.

In the case of receiving a summons, a conscripted person must arrive at the military commissariat within the specified period.


Types of military subpoenas - gry 4909 1

Types of military subpoenas - group protectionTypes of subpoenas – group protection The assistance of a lawyer may be needed in the event of receiving a subpoena in the following cases:

  • If the conscript does not agree with the reason for the summons or its content. In this case, a lawyer can help a conscript to protect his rights and interests.
  • If a conscript has the right to be exempted or deferred from conscription. In this case, the lawyer can help the conscript prepare the documents to obtain a release or deferment.
  • If a conscript has health problems that may prevent him from being called up for military service. In this case, a lawyer can help a conscript to pass a medical examination and obtain a conclusion on unfitness for military service.


The help of a lawyer can be useful in other cases as well, for example, in the case of the need to obtain a certificate of no criminal record or in the case of the need to obtain a deferment from military service on the basis of education or work.

It is worth noting that the help of a lawyer is optional. A conscripted person can independently come to the military commissariat and resolve all issues related to receiving a summons. However, if a conscript has any doubts or is unsure about his rights, he may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer.

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