Traveling abroad with a disabled person

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Traveling abroad with a disabled person

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In peacetime, men who are conscripted have the opportunity to accompany a relative with a disability abroad. But during martial law, this opportunity may be limited. However, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 57 dated January 27, 1995, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 who accompany persons with disabilities have the right to travel abroad.

It is necessary to understand that we are talking about accompanying a disabled person, and not just about the departure of a person who has a relative with a disability who is in the territory of Ukraine.


A very common mistake is that people who have relatives with disabilities believe that they can travel abroad easily back and forth. However, this is not entirely true. Since we are talking about escort. That is, a relative with a disability can be accompanied abroad, but you can leave without him only if he/she is there on the consular register.

Is it possible to travel abroad with a disabled person?

Yes, it is possible, if all relevant documents are available, which, depending on the circumstances, may be:

Documents confirming family ties, documents confirming disability - here we are talking about an additional document, a pension or other certificate confirming disability, in addition to the MSEC certificate. Because if only this certificate is available, crossing will not be possible. A document confirming the existence of a joint place of residence, etc.

Is it possible to travel abroad with a disabled person of any group?

No, only disabled people of the I or II groups are accompanied.

There is also a condition that returning to Ukraine is possible only together with the person you accompanied across the border. So, if a person with a disability returns on his own, it is considered a violation. However, currently the legislation does not provide for liability for such a violation.

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that in case of failure to provide a complete package of documents necessary for crossing the border, employees of the state border service may issue an Act of refusal to cross the border. Therefore, in order to accurately prepare and understand all the nuances, it is better to consult with a lawyer beforehand in order to minimize the possibility of making trivial mistakes.


And the main question is whether a delay is needed for departure. Our lawyers have not only theoretical, but also practical experience, so they will be able to guide you in what exactly you need to know and what nuances there may be. All these issues can be discussed with our military lawyers at a consultation. You can order a consultation online by phone or, if you live in Kyiv or have the opportunity, come to the office for an in-person consultation.

To get a lawyer's advice on traveling abroad with a disabled person, what documents you need to have and what difficulties you may face when crossing the border - fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will contact you soon..

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