Transfer to another military unit due to family circumstances

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Transfer to another military unit due to family circumstances

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Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of transferring a serviceman to another military unit if there are serious family circumstances that prevent him from continuing to serve in his current location. The procedure of transfer to another military unit due to family circumstances has its own defined legal principles and decision procedure.

The first step in transferring to another military unit is to submit the appropriate report. It must be confirmed by a documentary base that confirms the presence of circumstances that complicate the serviceman’s official stay at the current place of service. Among the possible family circumstances that can serve as a basis for transfer, you can specify:

  • separation from family members due to military service;
  • birth or death of a relative;
  • serious illness of family members, etc.


An important stage is the collection and preparation of documents necessary to confirm the circumstances affecting the transfer decision. It can be a letter of application from family members, a medical certificate about the state of health of relatives or a certificate of professional duties for the supervision of sick relatives, etc. Sent applications and documents must be completed in accordance with the established requirements of the law.

At the next stage, a report on transfer to another military unit together with documents is submitted to the immediate commander, who reviews the submitted materials. The task of the command and legal commission is to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents and the circumstances that served as the basis for the transfer, as well as to determine the possibility of satisfying the application.

Transfer to another military unit due to family circumstances - urb 4423 1

In the case of a positive decision of the commission on transfer to another military unit, the serviceman receives a corresponding order on his transfer. This order is the basis for the procedure of reissuing service documentation and moving to a new place of service.

In case of refusal to transfer to another military unit, the opportunity to appeal the decision of the commission is given to the serviceman in accordance with the legislation. He has the right to file an appeal to the higher military or civilian agencies that supervise the provision of the rights of servicemen.

However, it should be understood that transfer due to family circumstances is the sole discretion of the command. That is, if the commander considers the reasons sufficient and appropriate, he can sign such a transfer report.


Thus, transfer to another military unit due to family circumstances is an important procedure for a serviceman, which can be implemented on the basis of clearly defined legal provisions.

Providing documentary confirmation of family circumstances, professional preparation of the application and relevant documents, as well as control over the application review procedure are important conditions for the successful resolution of this issue.

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