Trademark registration in Ukraine – price, procedure and terms

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Trademark registration in Ukraine – price, procedure and terms

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Trademark registration in Ukraine is a key step to protect the identity of a product or service on the market. This process is reflected in legislation and regulated by intellectual property authorities. Let's consider the main aspects of trademark registration in Ukraine, in particular the price, procedure and terms.


Registration price

The price of trademark registration in Ukraine may vary depending on several factors, such as the type of applicant (individual or legal entity), the number of classes of goods or services in which the mark is intended to be used, and other additional services that may be requested. In general, the cost of registration can vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands of hryvnias. It is recommended to contact specialized law firms such as the law firm "Prykhodko and Partners" to obtain accurate information about the cost.

Registration procedure

  • Preparation of documentation: Before submitting an application for trademark registration, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents, which usually includes an application with the necessary attachments, a sample of the mark, a list of goods or services for which the mark is planned to be used, as well as a document confirming the payment of the appropriate fee.
  • Application submission: After preparing the documents, the application is submitted to UKRNOIVI. The application can be submitted both in person and electronically.
  • Formal examination: After the application is submitted, it undergoes a formal examination, during which the compliance of the submitted documentation with the requirements of the law is checked.
  • Qualification examination: If the application has successfully passed the formal examination, it is submitted to a substantive examination, during which the compliance of the mark with the requirements of uniqueness and absence of conflict with other marks is checked.
  • Publication and registration: If all stages of the examination are successfully passed, the application is published, and after that a certificate of trademark registration is issued.



The terms of trademark registration may vary depending on the circumstances of the individual case. In general, it can take from several months to six months or more from the time of filing an application to receiving a trademark registration certificate. However, it is important to note that from the moment of filing the application, the applicant has the opportunity to enjoy some rights related to the future registration of the mark, including the right to disseminate information about the future mark and to exercise patentability rights.

Ukraine provides an effective trademark registration system that allows you to protect property rights and create favorable conditions for business. However, before starting the registration process, it is important to get advice from professionals in the field and thoroughly familiarize yourself with all the requirements and obligations associated with this process. Appropriate preparation and careful observance of all rules will help ensure successful registration of a trademark in Ukraine, which will be an important step for the protection of intellectual property and business development.

Trademark registration in Ukraine is a complex and responsible process that requires a careful approach and professional support. Turning to experienced lawyers and specialists in this field, in particular to the Prykhodko and Partners law firm, will help ensure the successful completion of this process.

The company "Prykhodko and Partners" has considerable experience in the field of intellectual property and provides a full range of legal services for trademark registration. Our qualified lawyers will help in the preparation of documentation, fulfillment of all requirements for submitting an application and effective representation of the client's interests before the relevant authorities. By contacting "Prykhodko and Partners", the client receives a guarantee of quality support and protection of his interests in the process of trademark registration.

Therefore, in order to successfully register a trademark and ensure its further protection, it is recommended to contact professional lawyers, such as "Prykhodko and Partners", in order to have confidence in the reliability and efficiency of this process.

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