The travel identity document for a stateless person

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The travel identity document for a stateless person

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If a stateless person who permanently or temporarily lives in the territory of Ukraine needs to travel abroad, he needs to produce a special certificate for this. This is done through the appropriate territorial unit of the State Internal Revenue Service, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the order in which the procedure takes place, as well as how we can be useful in this matter.

The travel identity document for a stateless person - information deskThe influence of age on the issuance of a certificate

If a person who wants to issue a certificate has reached the age of 16, he personally submits an application-questionnaire to the Social Security Administration. If we are talking about a child who has not yet reached this age, or a person who is recognized as incompetent or with limited legal capacity, then the powers to submit an application are:

  • parents;
  • guardians;
  • guardians;
  • other legal representatives.

When the matter is dealt with by legal representatives, they fill out an application-questionnaire and wait for the certificate to be produced.


The travel identity document for a stateless person - audit test 1What documents need to be submitted?

In order to issue a stateless identity card intended for travel abroad, it is necessary to submit the documents stipulated by the current legal norms for such a procedure. Including:

  • temporary or permanent residence permit (it is the main document that confirms the legality of a person’s stay on the territory of Ukraine);
  • a document that confirms either the payment of the state duty or the possibility of not paying it on legal grounds;
  • a document certifying the authority of the legal representative, if the person interacts with the State Migration Service not in person.

The travel identity document for a stateless person - photo 2022 07 13 16 54 22 2

The general list of documents is listed above, but there are individual cases that require a different range of them. For example, when it comes to a child under the age of 12 or a person who cannot move on their own and needs urgent treatment abroad, it is necessary to provide a color photo card 10 by 15 centimeters that meets the relevant international requirements for such situations. But here it is also important to note that the person’s condition must be properly confirmed by a medical opinion.

For minor children, it is necessary to submit an additional birth certificate, residence permit and 2 photos measuring 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters that meet the necessary requirements. We talk about this in more detail when advising clients.


The travel identity document for a stateless person - brand protection 2How can we be useful?

The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office constantly receives requests for legal support during interaction with the State Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, we will be happy to consult and perform a representative function so that your contacts with this state structure are minimized and you do not face the factors of bureaucracy or overloading at work. When everything is done properly, the certificate is issued within 15 working days from the moment when the application for this service was made to the State Migration Service.

We will also advise which categories of applicants do not need to pay state duty. Considering the fact that the application can be submitted not only in person, but also through a representative, such a mechanism gives us the opportunity to represent your interests in a high-quality way and to simplify interaction with state authorities. In addition, you can turn to us for other issues of migration law, because it belongs to our main specialization.

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