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The “Consultant” application is a relatively young project in the field of law. At the same time, it occupies one of the leading positions in the field of online jurisprudence, as it uses the achievements of the IT sphere. The founder and developer of the idea is the Law Firm “Prikhodko and Partners”, which for many years of practice has become a leader among companies in its segment. As the way forward is possible only through improvement, and the world is confidently moving towards digitalization, Prikhodko & Partners decided to use modern opportunities and new approaches in the field of jurisprudence, which is embodied in the project “Consultant”.

So what are the benefits of the app?

First of all, it saves a lot of time. Ability to quickly answer questions without leaving home or breaking away from your own work process. Now you do not need to record and adjust to the schedule of a particular specialist, you do not need to stand in line. Everything is done online: you ask a question, and the lawyer immediately sees it and begins to give his own answer. You pay not for the time spent by the lawyer providing the answer, as in a normal consultation, but for the actual result of the work. At the same time, the specialist is interested in giving the most complete and comprehensive answer, because after the consultation you have the opportunity to make an assessment on which the salary depends. With the “Consultant” application, you do not need to spend time on self-study of the regulatory framework, verification of the validity of a regulatory legal act or study of case law. All you have to do is write a question and get an answer from a practicing lawyer or a lawyer who will do it for you quickly and efficiently! It’s all about the “Consultant” project.

The main idea of ​​the “Consultant” is to give every citizen the opportunity to receive legal assistance at any time of the day. Thus, according to Article 59 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone has the right to professional legal assistance. In cases provided by law, this assistance is provided free of charge. Everyone is free to choose a defender of their rights. Thus, the “Consultant” project is aimed at implementing state constitutional guarantees.

The most common questions that citizens ask our specialists are the following:

  • Family issues;
  • Issues of property inheritance;
  • Consumer protection issues;
  • Labor issues (including cases of illegal dismissals);
  • The issue of paying taxes;
  • The issue of appealing against decisions on administrative offenses;
  • Issues of appealing against resolutions and protocols on violation of traffic rules, etc.

Once you try, you will continue to use “Consultant”. Choose only progressive ideas. The “Consultant” application will find a solution to any issue, even non-standard.

Therefore, rather go to the link and download the application to your smartphone.

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