Terms of divorce in Ukraine

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Terms of divorce in Ukraine

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The issue of divorce usually arises when a married couple has accumulated quite a lot of contradictions with each other and they believe that it is impossible to continue living together.

In each family, this period can take a different amount of time, but according to statistics, it usually happens after the first three years of living together.

In this case, the spouses begin to be interested in the issues of divorce and the general terms of dissolution of marriage. What is the relevance of the chosen topic?

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the terms for divorce in Ukraine.

What do the terms of divorce in Ukraine depend on?

The terms of the dissolution of marriage depend on the life situation of the spouses, namely:

  • there is mutual consent of both spouses for divorce;
  • one of the spouses does not wish to dissolve the marriage;
  • presence of joint minor children;
  • existence of a dispute regarding the division of jointly acquired property.

The general term of the divorce process in Ukraine depends on all these factors.

What are the terms of divorce in Ukraine?

First of all, it should be noted that marriage in Ukraine can be dissolved by applying to the RACS bodies and the court.

A married couple has the right to apply to the RACC bodies when they want to dissolve their marriage, they have no disputes regarding the division of property and there are no minor children.

Individuals submit an application to the RATS authorities, and after one month has passed from the date of its submission, they are issued a divorce certificate.

This legal norm is provided for in Art. 106 SCU.

Importantly! Within one month after submitting the application, the married couple has the right to withdraw it, and thus not to dissolve the marriage between them.

A married couple applies to the judicial authorities if there is a property dispute regarding the division of jointly acquired property, there are joint minor children, or one of the spouses does not wish to dissolve the marriage. Individuals submit a statement usually as part of a lawsuit.

The terms of divorce by the court depend on how the case will be considered.

So, for example, after the opening of proceedings, the Court issues a decision on divorce after one month has passed from the date of application.

If the defendant evades participation in court sessions, this may serve as a reason for postponing them and starting consideration of the case on its merits.

The presence of minor children also delays the process of consideration of the case, as the court needs to determine issues related to the maintenance and upbringing of children, establish the order of communication with the child, and determine the amount of alimony, etc.

In addition, it is worth remembering the bureaucratic reasons for the delay in the consideration of the case, which cannot be influenced: by the workload of the court, the heavy load of court cases on one judge, his vacation, etc.

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