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 In Ukraine, a temporary residence permit is required for all foreign workers who will move to Ukraine for the duration of their work.

A temporary residence permit is not required if:

  • the employee mainly works remotely from the country of permanent residence;
  • the employee does not need to be in Ukraine for more than 90 days within 180 days
  • In the aforementioned case, the employee can visit Ukraine (if necessary) on a short-term visa or without a visa (depending on citizenship).
  • In order to apply for a temporary residence permit, the employee must be physically present in Ukraine (since his fingerprints are collected on the day the application is submitted).
  •  After the employer has received a work permit for you, in order to obtain a temporary residence permit you need to go through 3 stages:
  • Arrival in Ukraine on a special visa (type “D”)
  • Applying for and obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
  • Registration of the address of residence in Ukraine
  • Each of these steps is explained in detail below.

Step 1:Apply for a D visa

 To apply for a temporary work permit, an employee must arrive in Ukraine with a “D” type visa.

 A “D” type visa is a special multiple-entry visa issued for 90 days, which allows a foreign employee to come to Ukraine and apply for a temporary residence permit. In essence, visa D is a mandatory preliminary step in applying for a temporary residence permit.

 Please note that, as an exception, citizens of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Moldova do not need a “D” visa prior to applying for a residence permit (based on international treaties between countries).

 To obtain a “D” visa, a foreign worker must personally apply for this visa at the Ukrainian Embassy at the place of his citizenship or permanent residence. As an exception, citizens of the EU, USA, UK and some other countries can apply for a “D” visa in any country in the world.

The following documents are required to apply for a “D” type visa:

  • visa application
  • valid passport
  • single color image 35 x 45 mm
  • medical insurance
  • confirmation of financial security for the period of stay in Ukraine
  • consular fee

Proof of employment in Ukraine (one of the following):

  • a certified copy of the work permit (if applicable);
  • employment contract (for cases when a work permit is not required);
  • invitation of a foreign representative office / permanent representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine (for cases where the employer is such a foreign representative office / permanent establishment);
  • statement of the authorized body of a foreign state or international organization (for employees of embassies or consulates, international organizations or their representative offices).

 When considering an application for a visa, the Ukrainian embassy may require additional documents (for example, confirmation of the reservation of accommodation, etc.).

 Please note that on a reciprocal basis, the visa consular fee for citizens of some countries may differ from the standard fee.

 Processing Time:5 business days (urgent) and 10 business days (standard).

 Processing time and cost may vary depending on the country of residence of the foreign worker. In addition, the visa processing period can be extended up to 30 business days if there is a need to conduct additional verification of documents submitted as part of the visa application.

 After the approval of the visa “D”, the applicant is given 90 calendar days to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine. However, an application for a residence permit cannot be submitted later than 15 business days before the expiration of visa D.

Step 2:apply for a temporary residence permit

 After the foreign worker has received a “D” visa and arrived in Ukraine, he / she can apply for a temporary residence permit at the State Migration Service of Ukraine (but no later than 15 working days before the expiration of the visa D).

Required documents:

  • Original passport with a visa type “D”
  • Certified translation of a passport into Ukrainian with personal data and a visa D
  • Valid Health Insurance

Proof of employment in Ukraine:

  • work permit;
  • employment contract (for cases when a work permit is not required);
  • a letter from the employer company asking for permission to be issued to its employee and an obligation to notify the State Migration Service in case of early termination of the employment contract;
  • government duty.

 Processing time:15 business days.

Validity period:issued for the same period as a work permit (up to three years).

 Once the application has been approved, the applicant can obtain a temporary residence permit in person after presenting his passport.

Step 3:Register your address of residence.

 Once a temporary residence permit has been obtained, the next step is to register the address of the residence of the foreign worker in the State Migration Service. You must complete such registration within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the temporary residence permit.

Required documents:

  • Application for registration of address of residence
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Documents confirming the right to use residential real estate by an employee (certificate of ownership, lease agreement or consent of the owner / tenant, etc.)

Processing time:1 day.

Duration: unlimited.

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