Support of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

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Support of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

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What is surrogate motherhood in Ukraine?

Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine - it is a legalized and legally regulated process in which a woman who is a surrogate mother voluntarily agrees to carry and give birth to a child in agreement with the genetic parents.

This process is based on the standards of medical and legal ethics and in Ukraine it received wide publicity due to progressive legislation and high quality of medical services.

The main aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine include the agreement between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents, medical support for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as legal procedures for recognizing the genetic parents as the legal parents of the newborn child.

This process allows couples who cannot have children due to various reasons to realize their desire to become parents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine provides legal and ethically recognized opportunities to create a family through the interaction of a surrogate mother and genetic parents, ensuring a high degree of protection of the rights of all parties involved in this process.

How to competently arrange surrogacy in Ukraine?

Registration of surrogacy in Ukraine includes several key stages that guarantee the protection of the rights of all parties involved in the process.

Below are some steps and recommendations for effective legal registration of surrogacy:

  • The first and most important step is a consultation with an experienced lawyer who specializes in surrogacy in Ukraine. It will help you understand all aspects of the procedure and provide you with the information you need to make a decision.
  • The agreement between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents is a key document. The agreement should clearly define the rights and obligations of each party, financial conditions, aspects of medical support, and other important points. Legal examination of the agreement guarantees its compliance with the law and protects the interests of all parties.
  • Cooperation with a highly qualified medical institution in Ukraine is important to ensure the success of the process. Regular medical examinations and appropriate procedures improve the chances of a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.
  • The procedure must meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on surrogacy. This includes the legal aspects of recognizing genetic parents, adopting a child, and other legal aspects.

Get yourself legal support at all stages of the process. An experienced lawyer will be able to provide support during all legal procedures, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in the correctness of all documents.

Competent registration of surrogacy in Ukraine requires a complex approach that includes legal, medical, and ethical aspects.

Seeking professional advice and support is a key step in the success of this important life choice.

The main legal problems that we quickly solve

Supporting surrogacy in Ukraine with our law firm includes solutions to numerous legal issues specific to this process.

We provide basic legal nuances:

  • Agreement between the parties. Competent conclusion of an agreement between the surrogate mother and genetic parents, which clearly defines all the rights and obligations of the parties.
  • Protection of surrogate mother's rights. Solving legal issues arising for the surrogate mother, ensuring her physical and mental well-being.
  • Legal status of genetic parents. We guarantee the recognition of genetic parents as legal parents of a newborn child by the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
  • The legal process of adoption. Ensuring legal adoption and transfer of all rights to genetic parents by legislation.
  • Legal documentation. Preparation and legalization of all necessary legal documents for recognition of paternity and rights to the child.
  • Legal support of the medical process. Liaise with legislation to ensure all medical procedures and examinations comply with laws and standards.
  • Protection of confidentiality of all persons involved in the process.

We understand the uniqueness of situations related to surrogacy and guarantee our clients full, professional legal support aimed at successfully solving all legal aspects of this process.

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