Summons to clarify credentials

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Summons to clarify credentials

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Mobilization in Ukraine continues, and therefore the process of serving summons continues its existence.

A subpoena to clarify credentials is one of the types of subpoenas issued first. There is no need to be afraid of a summons. You need to clearly know your rights and responsibilities.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand who has the right to serve a summons, where they can serve a summons, how it should look. So, in this article we will talk about this topic.

Summons to clarify credentials - bank location01 1Where can this summons be served?

This summons can be served anywhere, because the legislation does not contain an exhaustive list of places where they can be served or certain prohibitions on service.

Summons to clarify credentials - team leader searchWhy is a subpoena issued to clarify credentials?

It is issued with the aim that persons who are conscripted to the military apply to the territorial recruitment centers and update their personal data. This is because most conscripts have updated their personal information for a long time. It is possible that a person’s family member has become disabled, his health has deteriorated, there are reasons for a postponement, because sometimes it happens that a person has the right to a postponement, but until he receives a summons to update his data, he does not go to issue it, what is not a good enough option. Or the person himself is unfit for service due to his health, so you need to appear at the military commissariat, confirm this status and get the appropriate mark.

It is necessary to know that the summons must be issued by the head of the Military Committee. And if the summons is issued on the spot, it will be a violation.

At the moment when a summons is served, one must check the authority, see if the summons was issued by the head of the military committee, pay attention to whether the summons corresponds to the approved form.


The summons must indicate the date, time of arrival at the Territorial center of recruitment and its address.

Tip: since there is a high probability that a person may be referred for a medical examination on the same day after updating the credentials, it is better to have medical reports with you and submit them to the military medical board for consideration.

Summons to clarify credentials - bilij vijskovij kvitok pid chas vijni

Summons to clarify credentials - information deskWhat will happen if you do not come to the Territorial center of recruitment and social supportaccording to the summons to clarify the credentials?

If the person did not appear according to the summons issued to clarify the registration data, he is subject to administrative liability in the form of the need to pay a fine.


Summons to clarify credentials - team informationIs it possible not to appear at the Territorial center of recruitment and social support after receiving a summons?

According to the legislation, persons may not appear before the Military Committee for the following valid reasons:

  • death of relatives;
  • health status;
  • caring for sick relatives;
  • a natural disaster or other emergency situation.

Of course, in this case, the person will need to document and record the choice, in order to prove that the reason for the absence was valid, and then the responsibility should not arise.

The best advice would be to consult with a lawyer in advance regarding issues of mobilization and service of subpoenas. Find out whether it is possible to apply for a postponement or how to act if your rights are violated. All these questions will be answered by a military lawyer, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.

So do not delay and make an appointment for a consultation, because preparing in advance is the best option than worrying and thinking about how to help yourself when you make serious mistakes.

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