Sue the military unit

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Legal assistant in the practice of military disputes, dismissal from military service, reservation employees for the period of mobilization, appealing the conclusion of the military medical commission, legal support for clients in the military commissariat

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Sue the military unit

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Although a citizen's duty to defend his country is high and honorable, human rights violations are often observed in areas related to military service. In particular, this often happens in the interaction of a military man with the unit where he serves. The team of our law office is regularly contacted by clients with relevant requests. And we qualitatively help in similar situations, since military law belongs to the specialization of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm. Effective work is also facilitated by the fact that during the full-scale war, we managed to systematize the key patterns related to violations of the rights of the military. Our specialists know such stories from practice, well understanding their mechanism. It helps to work on the result, realizing how to influence the problem.

What are common examples of violations of military rights?

One of the most frequent requests we encounter is related to the refusal of a military unit to discharge a serviceman when he has sufficient and legally established grounds for this. For example, this applies to the basis of caring for a relative or a spouse (husband) who needs such care. In particular, this applies to the common case of III group disability in the wife.


Also, the impossibility of being released even in the presence of a noticeable deterioration in health is a fairly typical problem. The mechanism of action in such a situation involves the need to write a report on referral to the Military Medical Commission. It is submitted to the superior commander. However, the report is not always satisfactory, and it also often happens that the representatives of the military medical commission themselves violate the rights of a serviceman. In particular, this is evident in situations when the conclusion of the Military Medical Commission does not indicate the entire spectrum of symptoms that the fighter is dealing with. Accordingly, his state of health, which is recorded in the documents, looks better than the actual state that is in reality. Therefore, in such situations, it is necessary to use such a legal opportunity as contesting the conclusion of the Military Medical Commission.

The above are only some and the most common cases when the military is faced with bureaucracy, abuses and the human factor in the form of inaction of authorized persons. In practice, the spectrum of situations is wider, and attempts to settle them in a pre-trial procedure do not always end in success. Therefore, you need to go to court and enlist the support of a lawyer who specializes in representing the client's interests in court in similar cases.


Why you should use the help of a lawyer?

Contacting a specialist who is an expert in the field of jurisprudence opens up many opportunities to move the problem from a dead point and solve it. Several factors contribute to this:

  • A professional licensed attorney has more leverage over the situation. For example, the right to request a lawyer gives an opportunity to interact with authorized officials from a more confident position.
  • The lawyer has sufficient experience in successfully solving cases similar or even identical to the one with which the client turns to him.
  • A lawyer is the party that acts calmly, systematically and confidently. This supports the serviceman who, having tried to solve the situation on his own for a long time, may be in chronic stress from the violation of his rights by the system.

So use high-quality professional support, because it gives you much more opportunities to influence the situation. To get a lawyer's advice on the grounds for suing the military - fill out the form on the website and our lawyer will contact you.

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