Submitting a person to the international wanted list of Interpol

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Submitting a person to the international wanted list of Interpol

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We are happy to provide our clients with high-quality legal services aimed at protecting their interests in international legal matters. Including, we help in effective search of persons through Interpol.


What is Interpol?

Interpol, whose full name is the International Criminal Police, is an organization specialized in law enforcement and crime fighting. Founded in 1923, this organization has become a very important agency, uniting police forces from different countries in a joint effort to combat global crime.

The main goal of the organization is to promote international cooperation between police authorities and other law enforcement agencies. The organization ensures the exchange of information, provides support in investigations and assists in the apprehension of persons who are outside their national jurisdictions and have committed crimes of an international nature.

The agency uses information exchange systems, databases and international connections to detect and stop a variety of criminal activities, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, cybercrime, smuggling and other types of international crimes.

Through its role in coordinating countries' efforts to fight crime, Interpol plays an important role in creating a safer environment and maintaining law and order at the global level.

In what cases can a person be wanted by Interpol?

Submitting a wanted person is a complex and responsible process, which is determined by specific conditions and circumstances. Usually, there are certain circumstances and types of crimes in which it may be necessary to submit a person to be wanted by Interpol. Some of these cases include:

  • When committing a crime that can be classified as international (for example, terrorism, organized crime or transnational corruption), a country can submit a request to search for this person outside its borders.
  • If a person has committed an offense in their own country and then crossed a state border, filing a wanted report with Interpol can assist in their apprehension and transfer to the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • If a person is evading prosecution in his country and is abroad, the country can submit a search request through Interpol.
  • If a person has broken international laws or is guilty of serious human rights violations, an Interpol wanted report can be used to prosecute them.

It is important to take into account that the process of filing a wanted report with Interpol must comply with international norms and rules, and the lack of sufficient justification may lead to the rejection of such a request. Legal support and proper preparation of documents are key factors for a successful application to Interpol.


Why is it important to have an experienced attorney?

Submitting a wanted person through Interpol is a complex and difficult process that requires a high level of legal knowledge and experience. Filing for a wanted person through Interpol involves careful preparation of documents, compliance with international standards and interaction with various law enforcement agencies. An experienced lawyer knows all the intricacies of this procedure and can confidently provide the necessary support.

The procedure requires an understanding of international law and conventions. A lawyer specializing in international law can determine the right legal approach and effective strategies in this context. An experienced lawyer has the ability to influence decisions and processes at the international level, contributing to the optimal outcome for his client.

How do we help with this?

Our law firm "Prykhodko and Partners" has extensive experience in representing clients in investigation cases through Interpol. We provide a full range of legal services, including:

  • Our highly qualified lawyers are ready to provide detailed consultations on the issue of submitting a person to be wanted by Interpol.
  • We will undertake the preparation of all necessary documents for submission to Interpol, ensuring correctness and completeness of information.
  • Our team of experts will provide representation and protection of your interests at the international level, cooperating with other legal organizations and agencies.
  • We are ready to actively communicate with law enforcement agencies and organizations to ensure the effectiveness of the process of submitting a wanted person.

Our professional team will help you solve complex international wanted cases with high efficiency and professionalism. Contact us for quality legal support in cases related to Interpol.
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