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Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Against the background of recent events in the international political arena, Ukraine is rapidly gaining momentum in raising its status and authority in the world. First of all, this applies to integration processes, in particular, in matters of international migration policy. The implementation of this task requires effective state regulation and a comprehensive and systematic approach to the implementation of the main functions and tasks of the State Migration Service.

“Due to the fact that Ukraine is a country of origin, destination and transit of migrants, a territory of diverse, diverse and large-scale migration flows, ensuring state regulation in the field of migration is a difficult task that requires a comprehensive, systematic approach, adequate funding, staffing and scientific support… », as stated in the main dogmas of the Strategy of State Migration Policy of Ukraine for the period up to 2025.

To date, the State Migration Service has responsibly approached the goal of the Strategy, fulfilling the set tasks. During the last 2020-2021 years, the state migration service of Ukraine of Ukraine has made a breakthrough and drastic changes over the past 30 years.

State migration service of Ukraine is actively involved in the development of electronic services related to registration of residence and the exchange of such information with other registers, namely, to display the current registration address in the application ACTION, when using the services eBaby, ID-14 and electronic interaction with conscript register. All these steps are important on the way to abandon paper documents.

Today, the improvement of the provision of administrative services in the migration sphere is actively continued, everything is being done for more comfortable and accessible paperwork. There was a certain transfer of the right to provide certain administrative services from the state migration service of Ukraine to the administrative service center, which also received the right to receive documents on the issuance (issuance) of a temporary residence permit, registration of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine (with an immigration permit), exchange of a certificate for permanent residence due to unfitness for use or reaching a certain age, etc. Such a transfer of power will help the migration service to focus more on one of its key tasks – combating illegal migration in Ukraine.

According to some officials from the state migration service of Ukraine, it is necessary to focus on combating illegal migration and at the same time launch mechanisms and protocols to combat it in parallel with the organization of administrative services in the field of migration through the state migration service of Ukraine and administrative service center.

Currently, the state migration service of Ukraine is again waiting for changes and modernization processes, such as issuing a Ukrainian passport in one day (according to the pilot bill), updating the Code of Administrative Offenses, establishing liability for violations of migration legislation, transition to e-service policy and more.

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