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 According to statistics, a significant number of foreign citizens entering Ukraine plan to start a business in Ukraine, ie are essentially investors. Of course, investors do not make up the vast majority of foreigners in Ukraine, but their number is significant, which necessitates additional regulation of the rules of their stay in our country, given their contribution to the economy of Ukraine and the creation of gross domestic product.

 Thus, in this article we will talk about the recently adopted by the Ukrainian Government resolution of 13.01.2021 for № 19.

 The purpose of its adoption is to increase the number of investors, improve the investment climate in the country and improve, in connection with the above, the procedure for considering applications from foreigners who have applied for an immigration permit.

 Thus, according to the resolution, banks issue to a foreigner a certificate of receipt of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine, which contains information on the receipt of the investment account of such an immigrant investment in excess of 100 thousand US dollars from their own foreign account to the current account of our entity. the country where he is the founder.

 Such a certificate is valid for six months, provided it is properly executed and signed by the head of the bank, as well as certified by its seal.

 Thus, obtaining an immigration permit is possible on the basis of a certificate confirming the transfer of the investor’s funds to the current account of the Ukrainian company.

 Previously, foreign investors had to first transfer funds to an investment account in a Ukrainian bank, and only then to the account of their own company. This procedure created a number of inconveniences, as well as created financial losses for the investor in the form of bank fees.

 In addition, in order to avoid abuses of this possibility, the resolution stipulates that before deciding to grant an immigration permit, the State Migration Service must find out whether the previously made foreign investment has been returned. Such verification is done by sending a request to the banking institution.

 It is worth noting that such steps by the state are extremely positive for building strong economic potential, especially in times of global crisis. It should also be noted that some simplification of procedures by the state should be accompanied by clear control, in particular, the areas of use of such investments.

 We recommend that foreigners who plan to obtain permits for legal stay in Ukraine beyond the validity of the visa or the permitted period of stay, first of all, consult qualified lawyers, as changes in migration law, especially during quarantine restrictions, are very common. If you have additional questions, please contact “Prikhodko & Partners” Law Firm, our lawyers provide a wide range of migration services.

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