Search of the debtor and his assets in enforcement proceedings

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Search of the debtor and his assets in enforcement proceedings

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Executive proceedings are the final stage of any legal process. However, not all court decisions are voluntarily implemented. And this even applies to situations where there is already a relevant court decision. Among the most common cases in this category are related to the search for the debtor and his assets. Our experts - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you more about it.

Debt collection: what should be considered?

In most cases, failure to return borrowed funds leads to such consequences as the destruction of friendships and entire families, business collapse, stagnation of successful commercial projects. And this list is not exhaustive. Being in debt often turns into an exhausting test for a lender, no matter how strange it sounds. Returning own funds and assets in most cases is a task with an asterisk. Debtors can be both individuals and legal entities who, for various reasons, evade the fulfillment of their debt obligations. In the situations listed above, you must enlist the support of a professional lawyer.

The first signal, which should be the beginning of radical actions, is the debtor's lack of desire to contact the lender. You can be promised the return of boron tomorrow/in a week/in a month. However, it is worth remembering: the more you receive promises about the return of the debt, the less chance there is of its actual voluntary return.

If your priority is an efficient and quick solution to this problem, trust our professionals. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will conduct their own investigation into the location of the debtor and his assets exclusively in the legal sphere. We have significant experience working with both legal entities and individuals.

Legal assistance in tracing the debtor and his assets in enforcement proceedings

As you know, a court order or writ of execution is issued in the event that the court has already satisfied the claim for debt collection. This is evidence of the transition to the final stage of this process. With this document, the creditor/lender must contact a private executor or a state enforcement service. The purpose is to ensure the enforcement of debt obligations under valid executive proceedings.

Action options for the debtor are possible at this stage:

  1. Seizure of a bank account.
  2. Seizure of property (both movable and immovable) with its subsequent sale.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you not to miss the opportunity to receive your own funds at the final stage of the case. We have extensive experience in working with private contractors and state executive bodies to achieve the desired result.


Any disputed situations related to non-repayment of debt is a reason to contact our lawyers. We provide a full range of services on this issue:

  • Legal consulting.
  • Drafting of documents (claims, appeals, official letters, etc.).
  • Filing a lawsuit in court.
  • Representation of clients' interests in court.

Thus, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide full support for enforcement proceedings regarding the collection of debt from the debtor based on a court decision. We will apply an effective set of measures that will force the debtor to fulfill his obligations.

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