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Schengen visa for citizens of India

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The advantages of the Schengen visa are obvious and in demand, which is why a significant number of people who seek hassle-free travel are trying to get it. If you are interested in obtaining a Schengen visa, you can contact the lawyers of the migration law practice of the law firm "Prikhodko&Partners" with this request. One of the integral areas of our work is migration law. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to provide high-quality advice to clients when they seek to prepare documents that allow them to move freely through European countries. Let's touch on the issue of Schengen visa for Indian citizens.

What are the advantages and types of this visa?

Such a visa is issued in order to move through the countries of the Schengen zone without restrictions. There are 3 types of visas:

  • Tourist permit for entry for 90 days for six months. This visa is optimal for those who like to travel or visit their relatives in Europe. Its design makes it possible to fully realize this need. So it is not for nothing that a tourist visa for 90 days is issued quite often.
  • Entry permit only to a specific country. This applies to a visa issued by the consulate of one country of your choice.
  • A visa that a person issues, having a specific reason for it. This is a very common case and it covers many situations - work, study, family reunification. Here we are not talking about 90 days, but about the possibility of living in the Schengen zone for a long time. For example, people often buy real estate in countries where it is possible to get a visa.

Or - register the enterprise, if the legislation provides acceptable requirements for them regarding the minimum authorized capital and profit. For example, in this context, foreigners are often attracted to Hungary.

When our specialists provide services in the field of migration law, we can help not only with visas, but also with other issues. For example, this is business registration in the Schengen area, opening an account. We have quite a lot of experience in such customer requests.


It is also worth adding that Schengen visas can be of 2 types. This is a transit and short-term visa that opens the possibility of residence. By the way, if you choose the right country for yourself and adapt well there, then in the future you will be able to issue a permit for temporary, and later - for permanent residence.

What to do when you need a visa?

So, if you have decided to issue a Schengen visa and apply for the appropriate service, you should take the following actions:

Choose the country and the reasons for issuing a visa that are most relevant for your case. If, for example, you hesitate between several countries, there is nothing wrong with that. Contact us - and we will advise, answer all your questions, orient you regarding possible "pitfalls" and how to bypass them. This will make it easier to make a choice according to your needs.
When the country and the suitable reason are chosen, it is time to apply to the relevant consulate and complete the visa documents. In this context, we can offer our representative assistance, which will free you from solving many complex and bureaucratic issues on your own. This approach saves time and nerves.


You may have additional documents that will make it easier to get a visa. For example, it can be an invitation from an employer. If you are going to go specifically for work, you should get such an invitation to confirm the reason before the authorized representatives of the consular institution. It can also be a marriage certificate in the case of family reunification, or a contract with an educational institution if you are going to study. Previous Schengen visas will also be a plus, because they are evidence of the reliability of a person who will go to the countries of Western Europe again.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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