Romanian birth certificate

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Romanian birth certificate

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When a child is born to a father who is a citizen of Romania, he is also considered a citizen of that country, even if he was not born there. However, in order for the child to be granted citizenship of the mentioned state, his birth must be registered in the Romanian birth registers.

How to act in such a case?

Registration is based on the certificate issued by the country of origin. In this case, it is Ukraine. Documents are submitted to the Civil Status Registration Service. There they will enter the relevant information in the birth register and issue a certificate. The registration procedure involves assigning a personal digital code of a Romanian citizen.


In Romania, it is necessary to issue a Romanian birth certificate, as this is required by the legislation of this country. The specificity of the Romanian legal field is that this state does not recognize in legal relations with its citizens events from documents issued by other countries, if these events were not specifically entered into the Romanian registers.

What are the conditions for issuing a Romanian birth certificate?

In order to issue a Romanian certificate, it is necessary to provide a certificate obtained in Bucharest, which certifies the assignment of the citizenship of this country. If there is a valid birth certificate, it should also be submitted.

When both or one of the child's parents has Romanian citizenship, she can be issued a birth certificate according to the Romanian model. This is done so that in the future it is possible to register the child on the territory of the mentioned state. When it comes to such a case, it is also necessary to submit:

  • Birth certificate of parents or one of them who has Romanian citizenship.
  • Parents' marriage certificate (if they are officially married, and the document is issued according to the Romanian model).
  • Foreign passports of parents.

Thus, the mechanism is sufficiently detailed and regulated. The key is to use the help of those experts who will make this procedure easier for you and will support it at the appropriate level.

Why should you contact the migration law lawyers of the "Prikhodko&Partners" law firm?

The team of the law firm "Prikhodko&Partners" knows well how to provide support for client requests in order to resolve important issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are regularly contacted for such a service as issuing a Romanian birth certificate.

The advantage is that it can be issued without your presence. The main thing is to provide the lawyer with the necessary documents and issue a power of attorney to represent your interests. So apply. We will provide you with services at the appropriate level, which will significantly simplify life and save time and effort.


If we talk about the most popular services of our company in the field of migration law, then these are:

  • Consultancy. In the consultation format, you can get answers to questions that are important to you without spending a lot of time on independent study of legal sources, which can be too difficult in the absence of specialized knowledge.
  • Legal support. This option consists in representing your interests during interaction with government bodies both in Ukraine and abroad - depending on the specifics of the request.

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