Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience

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Kolhanov Ivan

Head of military law practice

Specializes in administrative law, recalculation of pensions for former policemen and military personnel, including (SBU, NSU, DSNS, DPSU, SZR), specialist in military law.

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Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience

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Mixed insurance experience is a combination of insurance experience, which is accumulated in military service for years of service or other service on the basis of the Law “On pension provision of persons released from military service and certain other persons”, with general insurance experience. In the second case, this refers to the length of service that a person received while engaged in another work activity and paid ESSV.

Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience - team informationThe team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office often deals with inquiries in the field of military law, because it belongs to our specialization. So you can get quality advice and understand how the mixed seniority will be counted specifically in your case. For now, let’s touch on the general provisions and laws.

Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience - brand protection 2What does the legislation say?

The already mentioned Law № 2262 states that in order to accrue such a pension, one must have 25 years of insurance experience, of which military service must take at least 12 calendar years and 6 months. In addition to military service, it can also be service in internal affairs bodies. In addition, the following requirements apply:

  • reaching the age of 45 on the day of dismissal;
  • lack of consent to receive a pension on general grounds.

In such cases, you can count on an appropriate pension.

Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience - urb 0241

Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience - information deskWhat to do if the PF refuses to assign such a pension?

Unfortunately, Ukrainian pensioners (especially military ones) often face the fact that representatives of the Pension Fund do not take into account their legal rights. Therefore, court cases where territorial subdivisions of the PF act as defendants are actually very frequent. We are already used to such categories of cases, have sufficient experience in them and understand the algorithms of actions that are the most effective. At the same time, it is worth noting that these cases are winning.

Situations can be different. For example, the PF urges you to prove your insurance experience in its general part, referring to the vagueness of the entries in the employment book. This is just one example of all the variety of cases that can happen on a practical level during interaction with the Pension Fund. Having regularly dealt with client appeals on this topic, we understand what needs to be done in each specific case in order to achieve the desired result as easily as possible. However, in most situations, clients’ interests have to be defended through court.


Retirement of servicemen with mixed experience - group protectionOur services: how will they be useful?

The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office provides such services as:

  • Consultancy. It can be an online or offline consultation. You have the opportunity to choose exactly the format that will be convenient. For example, if you are in another city, video consultation will be appropriate and comfortable.
  • Legal support of the case, including representation in court. We know how to correctly draft a claim, as well as how to build the entire strategy of representation in order to achieve the desired result.

So apply. Our specialists will give answers to the questions that are relevant to you – not in general aspects, but in the most specific way possible, taking into account your situation. And we will also help you defend your interests in court, if there is a need to act in this way.

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