Restoration of a foreign passport

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Restoration of a foreign passport

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The full-scale war and the challenges associated with it caused many Ukrainians to lose their documents. Someone did not have time to take them away, evacuating. In some cases, they were destroyed along with the residence. There can be many reasons. So now the problem of documents happens much more often than it was before the full-scale Russian invasion. If we talk about the general features of the procedure for issuing a new foreign passport, then for this you need to have a valid passport of a citizen of Ukraine. In addition, for the production of a new foreign passport, you must also have a certificate of personal identification number.


What is important to know about the legal aspects of the procedure?

When receiving a document, the principle of ex-territoriality applies. It is relevant precisely in view of the state of war in the country, when citizens are not bound by the address at which they are registered when issuing documents.

If you have not only lost your foreign passport, but also the validity period of the internal document has expired, you need to apply for both passports at the same time. By the way, from the age of 14, Ukrainians must have an internal passport. It is he who confirms the citizenship of Ukraine, which manifests itself in a political and legal connection with its state.

What else should you know?

If you received the citizenship of another state, but did not renounce the citizenship of Ukraine, then the restoration of passport documents is possible. You can find out about the availability of Ukrainian citizenship by making a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or entrusting this matter to a lawyer. We work with similar client requests, so the team of the "Prikhodko&Partners" law office is ready to help you resolve issues related to obtaining such information.

There are situations when people return from the temporarily occupied territory and do not have Ukrainian documents. In this case, you need to make a special request for confirmation of Ukrainian citizenship. We can help with that too. And then, when the citizenship is confirmed, you can submit an answer to the consulate of Ukraine in the country where the person is currently staying. There is an opportunity to get a foreign passport or an identity card, with which you can return to the Motherland to cross the border.

When you are with a child abroad, and he needs to get an internal passport of Ukraine for the first time, you need an identical valid document of one of the parents who will submit the child's documents for the passport.


How can we be useful for you?

Lawyers of the "Prikhodko&Partners" law firm provide a wide range of services related to migration law. This includes the restoration of the foreign passport. We provide professional and high-quality legal support in your interaction with authorized state bodies, so that this interaction is as comfortable as possible and does not take up your extra time and effort.

As for getting answers to important questions, we offer a consultation format. You can order a consultation from our team both online and offline. In the second case, you should visit our office. We will help to understand the current legal norms and apply them in the context of a specific situation.

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