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In the conditions of martial law and announced mobilization, many citizens of Ukraine have questions as to what responsibility may arise in the event of inability to appear at the recruitment center within the period specified in the agenda.

The reasons for not arriving at the recruitment center on time can be completely different, ranging from ill health to extremely important personal matters, but the law provides for liability for non-arrival on call.

What are the types of summonses to the call center?

  • The summons to the recruitment center may first be issued to the person to be mobilized to establish or clarify credentials, health, workplace information, etc. Such a summons does not mean that a person will be sent immediately for military service. Such agendas are handed out in order to form a holistic picture in the recruitment center regarding those wishing to perform military service, as well as the formation of statistics of suitable persons for military service.
  • Summons for the purpose of passing a military medical commission to establish physical and mental fitness for military service. After passing such a commission, a relevant resolution is issued, which establishes physical and mental fitness or unfitness for military service. In some cases, a doctor of the military medical commission may send a citizen for an additional examination, if there are sufficient grounds to believe that the person has certain health problems and needs additional examination in the appropriate area.
  • The summons in the format of a mobilization order is handed over to persons who have passed the military medical commission and who have accordingly been found fit for military service. Usually such an order is necessary to arrive within twenty-four hours to the appropriate manning center and then sent to the military unit.

In fact, the summons may be served by authorized persons anywhere, for example in the market, at a checkpoint, just on the street, as the law does not currently provide clear rules for the service of such a summons. The only thing is that before it is served, it is necessary to identify the person to whom the summons is served, so those authorized to do so must first check the documents and then write the appropriate summons.

Authorized persons who may serve the summons:

  • Official of the National Police of Ukraine;
  • Employers;
  • Representatives of the educational institution;
  • Officials of staffing centers.

Liability for non-arrival on the agenda

Therefore, for violation of the legislation in the field of military accounting, as well as the legislation in the field of mobilization and mobilization training, a person can be held administratively liable in the form of a fine from 1,700.00 to 5,100.00 UAH.

And in case of evasion of a person recognized by the military medical commission as fit for such service, by not arriving at the recruitment center (military enlistment office) for further sending directly to the place of service, such person will face criminal liability in the form of imprisonment for 3 years up to 5 years.

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