Response to the participant’s request in the Prozoro system

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Response to the participant’s request in the Prozoro system

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In today's world, where electronic technologies penetrate into various spheres of economy, issues of transparency and efficiency of public procurement become key to ensure fairness, competition and optimization of the use of public funds. The "Prozoro" system in Ukraine is defined as a key tool aimed at ensuring transparency and openness in the field of procurement.


Fairness and validity of complaints are integral aspects of the management of the "Prozoro" system. When the customer receives an appeal, this may indicate possible problems in the procurement process that require attention and timely response. Responding to a complaint is not only a requirement of the system, but also a means of increasing the level of trust of public procurement participants.

The algorithm for responding to a complaint in the "Prozoro" system includes the following steps

  1. Analysis of the complaint: An important stage is a thorough analysis of the complaint, taking into account the subject of the purchase, the requirements of the legislation and the rules of the "Prozoro" system.
  2. Explanation of the circumstances: The response must clearly explain the circumstances related to the complaint. Explain how legal requirements and procurement rules were met.
  3. Transparency of actions: It is important to ensure transparency in your actions. Explain how the complaint was analyzed and how the decision was made.
  4. Follow-up actions: In the response, it is necessary to determine the customer's follow-up actions to eliminate possible deficiencies and prevent similar situations in the future.
  5. Communication: Provide feedback and an open channel of communication for procurement participants.

The answer should be written taking into account the principles of good faith, openness and partnership. In addition, it is important to adhere to response deadlines to ensure the efficiency and speed of conflict resolution.

In the light of changes in the legislation and the continuous improvement of the "Prozoro" system, the response to the complaint should be adaptive and oriented towards achieving the highest standards of transparency and efficiency in the field of public procurement.


From the analysis of the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, it can be said that the Participants of the procurement process can ask for clarifications only during the clarification period, which is determined by the customer and can last at least 3 working days after the announcement of the procurement procedure. The customer must provide an answer to the question within the first working day from the moment of its publication.

In the event that the participant requests clarification on a holiday, the customer has the opportunity to respond to this request before the end of the first working day that follows the holiday.

In order to avoid problems that may arise due to failure to provide or providing an answer that does not meet the requirements of the law, we recommend that you seek professional legal assistance.

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