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Probably, every foreign citizen who comes to the territory of Ukraine with a specific purpose and stays here for a certain period of time dreams of staying here for longer. Everyone may have their own reasons and desires:

  • doing business;
  • employment;
  • marriage with a citizen (or a citizen) of Ukraine;
  • studying at Ukrainian universities;
  • etc. and this is not surprising.

The implementation of all the listed desires makes it necessary to issue a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine in Ukraine, so that it is possible to legally stay on the territory of Ukraine for more than the allowed period (90 days for citizens of countries with non-visa entry to Ukraine (with the exception of the Republic of Belarus – 180 days ), or within the framework of the provided visa to enter Ukraine).

Ukraine at the present time creates quite “greenhouse” conditions, for example, for small and medium-sized businesses. The territory of our country is a large market, which is especially very attractive for foreign investors. Basically, investments are directed to agriculture, infrastructure and information technology. In addition, Ukraine has low wages and a new market with little competition.

Employment issues have their own difficulties. One of the most important of them can be emphasized the huge requirements for the minimum wage – 10 minimum wages. According to the law, in order to officially hire a foreign employee, the employer also needs to obtain an appropriate permit to use the labor of a foreign specialist – a work permit in Ukraine. Also, for countries with a visa to enter Ukraine, a very bad trend has gone over the past couple of years: the number of issued and not issued visas to enter Ukraine on the basis of employment is very different. Prevailing is just the percentage of failures. According to our experts, one of the main “unwritten” reasons for such a number of refusals is the “cut-off” of migrants to the territory of Ukraine.

Marriage with a citizen (citizen) of Ukraine is the easiest and quickest way to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. There are almost no problems in obtaining a residence permit by marriage.

The main condition is that the address of registration of the place of residence of a foreign citizen must be without the status of “mass” (namely, the one that must coincide with the address of actual residence in order to avoid further problems with the police and the Security Service of Ukraine in the issue of obtaining a residence permit), a foreign citizen also there should be no problem with law enforcement.

In any case, in order to avoid difficulties in collecting documents and their immediate execution, problematic bilateral relations between you and directly employees of the migration service or with the state body as a whole – contact the specialized lawyers of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. At the highest level, you will be provided with any service at your request.

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