Residence permit in Ukraine

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Residence permit in Ukraine

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Ukrainian legislation stipulates that a foreigner or an IDP who has legally crossed the state border and is on the territory of our country has the right to stay in Ukraine for 90 calendar days out of 180 calendar days (i.e., a person can stay in Ukraine for no more than three months in six months).

If a foreigner or a stateless person wishes to stay here for a longer period, it is mandatory to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. This will allow you to reside in our country for a period of one year or more.

There are many ways to obtain a residence permit, we suggest briefly discussing the main aspects.


Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

A temporary residence permit (or, as it is also called, a TRP or a residence permit) is a document that allows a foreigner or a stateless person to reside in Ukraine for at least one year.

The most common grounds for obtaining such a document are marriage to a Ukrainian, participation in public organizations, family reunification, employment, study, and volunteer activities.

The package of documents for submission must be prepared individually for each ground.

For example, if you married a Ukrainian woman, you must submit a marriage certificate (if you obtained it abroad, it must have a legalization stamp) and personal documents of your spouse. In case of employment, your employer must obtain a work permit for foreigners from the Employment Center. If you want to obtain a temporary residence permit for volunteering, you need to prepare an invitation from the volunteer organization.

You can apply for a residence permit at the Migration Service, administrative service centers, or at the Passport Service of the State Enterprise "Document". The processing time is 15 days.
We would also like to note that 15 days before the expiration of your residence permit, a foreigner or a foreigner with a special status has the right to apply for a residence permit extension.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

A permanent residence permit (or permanent residence) is a document that a foreigner or a stateless person has the right to obtain for immigration and permanent residence in Ukraine. The grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit are marriage to a Ukrainian who is more than two years old; a child of a foreigner who is a citizen of Ukraine; making an investment in the Ukrainian economy in the amount of more than USD 100 thousand; former citizens of Ukraine who have renounced their citizenship of our country, etc.


Obtaining such a permanent residence permit includes the following stages:

  • Obtaining an immigration permit at the migration service. The documents are submitted by the applicant personally, and the processing time takes approximately six months.
  • Submission of documents and obtaining a permanent residence permit. The processing time takes 15 days.

Also, please note that after obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, you are obliged to register your place of residence here.

Important! In order to obtain a residence permit for a certain category of foreigners, you need to apply for a D visa. This can be done at the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in the foreigner's country of residence.

The migration law specialists of the law firm "Prikhodko & Partners" will help you analyze your situation and develop an algorithm of actions that will help you obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. So your stay in our country will be legal. Fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will contact you shortly.

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