Фото: Requirements for registration of documents submitted to the state registrar

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Requirements for registration of documents submitted to the state registrar

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Documents submitted to the state registrar must be in the state language.

The registration card is filled in by typing or by hand in block letters. If the documents are sent to the state registrar by post, the authenticity of the signature of the applicant on the registration card (statement, notice) must be notarized.

The signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the legal entity on the registration card and the application for the loss (replacement) of the documents must be certified by the corresponding official in the established manner.

Constituent documents (constitutive act, statute or constituent agreement, regulations) of a legal entity must contain information provided by law. The founders (participants) of the legal entity are responsible for the compliance of constituent documents with the legislation.

Statutes of banks, constituent documents of other legal entities, which according to the law are subject to approval by the National Bank of Ukraine, other bodies of state power, shall be submitted with a mark on their approval in accordance with the National Bank of Ukraine, and other bodies of state power.

The constituent documents of a legal entity, as well as changes thereto, are set out in writing, stipulated, numbered and signed by the founders (participants) or authorized persons, unless the law establishes another procedure for their approval.
In cases provided for by law, constituent documents must be agreed with the relevant state authorities.

Changes in the constituent documents of a legal entity are made by a separate application or the constitution documents in the new wording on the title page of the annex to the constituent documents of the legal entity, a note is made that the said documents are an integral part of the relevant constituent documents.

A document confirming the registration of a foreign legal entity in the country of its location must be legalized in the prescribed manner

Electronic documents submitted for state registration in cases stipulated by this Law shall be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of legislation in the field of electronic documents and electronic document circulation, as well as electronic digital signature.

In the case of submitting electronic documents, the registration card and documents, in addition to the documents certifying the powers of the authorized person, shall be certified by an electronic digital signature of the applicant.

An electronic document is considered received by the state registrar since the receipt of the notification in electronic form by the applicant for receipt of such an electronic document by the state registrar.

The state registrar automatically sends an electronic document to him confirming the receipt of the electronic document after receipt of the electronic document from the applicant.

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