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 When applying for a permit for immigration to Ukraine, foreign citizens must submit a package of documents in accordance with the Law of Ukraine  On Immigration  in accordance with their category and existing grounds.

 The list of basic documents is concentrated in this regulatory legal act, but in most cases (if not 100%) it becomes necessary to submit the remaining documents. The most important documents are the applicant’s passport – a foreign citizen, the grounds (marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificate confirming the child’s citizenship, investment certificate, court decision confirming the fact of residence in Ukraine, etc.).

The main documents required for obtaining an immigration permit, in the execution of which there are difficulties, are:

certificate of no criminal record from the country of citizenship of the applicant (that is, a foreign citizen who applies for an immigration permit);

certificate with the address of residence in the country of citizenship of the applicant.

 Difficulties are both in a legal context and in a purely mechanical one. For example, the absence of an embassy of a certain country in Ukraine (for example, Cameroon), which makes it impossible to legalize these certificates for Ukraine being on its territory. In this case, you need to look for the country’s embassy in neighboring countries. In the case of Cameroon, this is Moscow or Warsaw, for example. And although such legalization can be done by a notarized power of attorney issued in two languages ​​on behalf of the applicant – a foreigner – this will not reduce the difficulties. So, after such legalization, legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine is still necessary.

 In the case of issuing an immigration permit on the basis of marriage, if the submitted marriage certificate is issued repeatedly or there is even the slightest discrepancy in these two any documents, it is necessary to draw up an extract for such a marriage certificate in order to clearly assess the whole picture of the documentary history act record. The same way and in case of errors or obvious discrepancies in the birth certificate, when obtaining an immigration permit on the basis of birth in the territory of Ukraine or for a child born in the territory of Ukraine.

 In the case of obtaining a permanent residence permit on the basis of marriage, at the initial stage, you must carefully check the marriage certificate at the registry office. It is imperative to ensure that the marriage certificate is drawn up according to the data of the foreigner’s passport, and not the notarized translation, and before that, check the notarized translation itself, which is submitted for marriage registration. It often happens when mistakes are made in a marriage certificate, after which it is very difficult to correct them.

 It is difficult to fully enumerate all documents in which errors or inaccuracies may be made. In any case, if you have legal support and attentive attitude to your business, you can easily issue an immigration permit.

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