Request to the archive for confirmation of work experience

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Request to the archive for confirmation of work experience

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When a person interacts with the Pension Fund to apply for a pension, he or she may need to confirm his or her work history. This procedure is regulated by the Procedure for Confirming the Existing Length of Service for Granting Pensions in the Absence of a Work Record Book or Relevant Records in It. The Procedure was approved by Government Resolution № 637 of August 12, 1993. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the second paragraph of paragraph 1 of this document. So, the mentioned legal provision states that in the absence of a work record book or relevant records in it, other documents issued at the place of work, study and service, as well as documents issued by archival institutions, become the basis for establishing seniority.


When do I need to apply to archival institutions to confirm my work experience?

It is not always necessary to apply to the archives to confirm your work experience. It is necessary when the company where a person worked is liquidated. In this case, you may need to contact one of the following archives

  • the archival department of the city council or district state administration;
  • labor archive or private archive in the city where the company was located.

It is important to know that a request for an archival certificate can be submitted not only in person but also through a representative. The main thing is that the powers of the lawyer you choose must be formalized in accordance with the procedure established by law. As for the form of the request, it can be either postal or electronic.

What should be indicated in the request for a certificate?

When making a request, you should provide the following information

  • your last name, first name and patronymic
  • place of actual residence, if any
  • e-mail address and contact phone number;
  • name of the company/institution/organization, its location (village, city, region);
  • years of work experience;
  • title of the position held.

If possible, you should also indicate the state of the company's activities (liquidated/not liquidated).

What else should you know about the legal regulation of this issue?

Above, we mentioned the Procedure governing the confirmation of work experience and the relevant governmental resolution approving it. Another important document is worth mentioning. This is the Procedure for archival institutions to fulfill requests from legal entities and individuals based on archival documents and to issue archival certificates (copies, extracts). It was approved by the order of the Ministry of Justice of March 2, 2015, №295/5.


In this document, special attention should be paid to paragraphs 1 and 2 of Section III. The main points of these paragraphs are as follows:

  • archival certificates confirming work experience are issued exclusively for the period of time, information about which is contained in the archive;
  • if it concerns information on work in different institutions, they are provided in one certificate;
  • archival certificates are drawn up on the basis of orders, personal accounts, certificates, characteristics, information on salary payments, written employment contracts and other documents;
  • the amount of salary in the archival certificate is indicated in the monetary units that were in effect during the period for which the applicant requests information.

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