Representation of the customer’s interests before the controlling authorities

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Representation of the customer’s interests before the controlling authorities

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During public procurement in practice, various problems and contradictions regarding tenders often arise, because each party can consider its position correct and ignore the arguments of other participants in this process. All this creates a situation where the public procurement customer needs to protect his own interests before the controlling authorities and public procurement participants. This shows the relevance of the chosen topic for today. The legal company "Prykhodko and partners" provides the firm's clients with services for the full representation of their legal interests in all state and regulatory authorities.

What is representation?

According to Ukrainian law, representation should be understood as a legal relationship in which one party (representative) is obliged or has the right to protect legal interests and perform acts on behalf of the other party it represents.

Its most common type is representation by power of attorney. The peculiarity of this representation is that the person receives a written document (power of attorney), which gives him the right to represent and protect the interests of another citizen before third parties. It is of three types:

  • one-time - authorizes one legal action;
  • special - authorizes the execution of an unlimited number of uniform transactions or legal actions;
  • general (general) - authorizes the representative to perform a wide range of various transactions or other legal actions.

As a rule, the term of the power of attorney is specified in the issued document itself, and its form is determined depending on the type of transaction or legal action.

Importantly! If you need to draw up a legally correct power of attorney, lawyers from the Prykhodko and Partners law office will help you implement this issue in practice.

How can contacting our company be useful?

Law office "Prykhodko and partners" professionally provides legal services in the representation of the interests of customers before the controlling authorities. This is manifested in the fact that, first of all, our lawyers study in detail the problems of legal relations formed in practice. This is followed by a discussion with the client of the company about its protection strategy. Then we form a legal position on the case and collect the evidence base that will support our arguments. The last stage is communication with the controlling authorities to discuss all issues and proposals on the case.

Also, if necessary, we learn about the causes of any problems and, accordingly, about the possibilities of accelerating the achievement of the result in practice, and also pay attention to the legal personality of the controlling body and the legal grounds for making certain legal decisions.

In addition, it is worth noting that the law office "Prykhodko and partners" represents the interests of the customer not only before the controlling authorities, but also in other organizations, namely:

  • judicial authorities of various instances;
  • law enforcement authorities (National Police, Security Service, Prosecutor's Office, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, etc.);
  • bodies of local self-government and state power;
  • bodies of justice, executive service;
  • in the settlement of the conflict with the help of mediation.

Thus, the application of the Prykhodko and Partners law office guarantees not only the receipt of high-quality legal assistance, but also the protection of all rights and legitimate interests of the customer in the field of public procurement. In addition, our lawyers are always concerned about the success of each case, and therefore we work only to achieve a result in it. Don't delay and apply!

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