Representation of interests in court

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Representation of interests in court

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In order for the representation of the client's interests in court to be truly of the highest quality, it requires that the representative is well versed in the norms of current legislation - both substantive and procedural. For those who are looking for just such lawyers, there is a good opportunity to use the services of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm. We employ professionals who know and love their business, gaining new experience and honing their skills every day. It is this motivation and attitude towards the chosen profession that gives an opportunity to achieve results that are valued by clients every time.

Is it possible to do without the support of a lawyer?

This question is often asked by people who are used to always focusing on their strengths. However, it is important to understand that in areas that require the availability and ability to apply highly specialized knowledge, the best option is to delegate this part of the work to specialists.


Just as a person without knowledge of dentistry cannot heal his teeth on his own, and a person without knowledge of plumbing can repair pipes, so a person without knowledge of jurisprudence will not protect his interests properly. This is especially true in situations where the other party has a reliable and professional defense, with which it is necessary to compete at an appropriate level in order to win the case. And it is also important to understand that representation by a non-lawyer is allowed only in minor cases and labor disputes.

At what stage should you hire a lawyer?

A good lawyer at any stage of the case proceedings can significantly change the subsequent outcome so that it is more in line with the interests of his client. At the same time, it is necessary to understand certain objective limitations that the specialist faces when he was not involved from the beginning.

The sooner you seek quality legal support, the better. When a lawyer accompanies your case from the beginning, he builds a comprehensive strategy of representation of interests, plans each step and carefully calculates the risks, and does not simply take part in support. This gives an opportunity to analyze the course of events and predict them from the position of systemic thinking, and not just to influence the case in a fragmented way. Therefore, if you are really focused on the result, involve a professional legal expert to protect your interests as early as possible. This will help to act correctly from the beginning, and not to correct mistakes later, spending extra time, energy and nerves on this.

How we will be useful for you?

In order to represent a person's interests in court as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to know the legislation at the appropriate level. Therefore, it is expedient to seek such help from people who really understand the current legal framework and can provide quality assistance to clients. Our team is just such a team of lawyers with extensive experience who understand well the field in which they work.


We constantly monitor legislative changes in all areas that belong to our practice focus. In addition, we regularly receive requests to represent clients' interests in court. So it makes it possible to always be aware of the latest legal news, changes and trends.

Get in touch - and we will apply all the necessary knowledge and experience so that the representation of your interests in court is truly high-quality. Fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will call you to clarify the details and analyze your situation.

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