Reporting fraud to the cyber police is the price of opening a criminal fraud case

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Reporting fraud to the cyber police is the price of opening a criminal fraud case

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It is no secret that in the 21st century the Internet has become the main means of communication. In addition to the opportunities provided by the World Wide Web, it is also a very convenient platform for fraudulent activities. The number of cybercrimes in Ukraine is increasing every year. How to make a report to the cyber police about fraud, what are the peculiarities of opening a criminal case about fraud, all this and more will be told by our experts - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners.

Internet fraud: peculiarities of terminology

According to current Ukrainian legislation, Internet fraud is defined as one of the types of acquisition of property rights or property by means of abuse of trust or deception.

Cybercrimes have certain characteristics. These are, in particular:

  • Lack of personal contact between the victim and the perpetrator.

Everything happens exclusively remotely. Agree, this significantly complicates the work of the investigation.

  • Acquisition of other people's funds or property rights is carried out via the Internet.

However, it can play in favor of the cause. Employees of the bank through which the transaction will be carried out can help in establishing the exact amount of the losses incurred. This is one of the most effective tips, because only through the use of criminal procedure tools you will be able to get very important information about the movement of funds. It is with the beginning of a criminal case that bank employees are obliged to violate the so-called "bank secrecy".

Taking into account all the peculiarities and specificity of cyber crimes, the Cyber Police Department was created under the National Police of Ukraine.

Guidelines for cyber security on the Internet

We bring to your attention the basic rules that should be used to protect personal data on the Internet. Let's start with the fact that it is very important that your confidential information is not in the public domain.

It is also necessary to periodically change the PIN code from your bank card. By the way, bank cards with chips are additionally protected against fraud. Before making any transaction, you should carefully check the seller. This can be done, for example, by promoting it on the Internet.

We recommend making all payments on the Internet only through verified sites. Do not pay bills on unfamiliar, suspicious sites. Very often we are talking about fake sites - components of fraud schemes related to bank cards.

Assistance of professional lawyers in filing a criminal fraud case

It is difficult enough to submit a properly prepared statement to the cyber police on your own. That is why our lawyers will take this case upon themselves. Unfortunately, there is still little practice in Ukraine of successfully considering cases related to cyber police.

The legal culture on cyber security is at a fairly low level. That is why most people simply lack relevant knowledge.

The algorithm for opening a criminal case on fraud is as follows: a statement from the victim, conducting a pre-trial investigation, filing a civil lawsuit, considering the case in court, passing a sentence.

Of course, this is a rather long and complicated process that should be entrusted to real professionals. The specialists of Prykhodko and Partners have the necessary experience that allows them to successfully win similar cases.

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