Report on leave for family reasons

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Report on leave for family reasons

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It is obvious that every serviceman has the right to vacation, taking into account the psychological state and the conditions in which they defend our Motherland. It should be understood that with the adoption of the law “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding Certain Matters Related to Military Service During Martial Law” the conditions for receiving leave by military personnel have changed and expanded somewhat. Now, according to the above-mentioned law, military personnel have the right to receive 30 days of vacation per year. However, not at once, but partially, no more than 15 days at a time.

However, even if a serviceman has used 30 days of leave, he retains the right to leave “for family reasons” for no more than 10 days. This type of vacation should be dealt with in more detail.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the 10-day period is occupied exclusively by the vacation itself. That is, the days that take up the road from the part to home and back are not included in these 10 days. However, it is obvious that the duration of the route home and to the part must be reasonable and cannot exceed about 2-3 days.

It is also worth understanding what falls under “family circumstances” under which you can get leave.


Usually, such grounds include:

  • marriage of a serviceman;
  • death or serious illness of parents and wife;
  • death of other persons close to the serviceman;
  • in some cases the birth of a child and in other cases when the presence of a serviceman at home is really necessary.

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In order to get leave for family reasons, a number of actions should be taken. First of all, a military person must prepare a leave report in which he clearly states the reasons for obtaining family leave and provides one or another package of documents that will confirm the specific reasons. Such documents usually include the death certificate of a loved one, documents certifying family ties with such a person, medical reports and conclusions about the state of health of loved ones, etc.

Copies of such documents should preferably be notarized. After that, the serviceman must submit this report with copies of documents to the immediate commander or clerk in two copies.


Both copies should be registered, and one should be kept for consideration, and the other should be given to the serviceman. So that in the case of unforeseen circumstances and groundless refusals, the military officer could provide confirmation that he really submitted such a report. After reviewing the report, they must give an answer as to whether they accept it and grant leave or not. In case of refusal, an official printed refusal must be issued from the unit where the soldier is serving, with an explanation of why the refusal was made.

So, if you need to get leave due to family circumstances and make a correct report, contact our law firm and our specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in these matters.

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