Report for treatment of a serviceman

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Report for treatment of a serviceman

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Unfortunately, during military service, there are cases when a serviceman's health deteriorates or certain chronic diseases recur and he needs appropriate treatment.

In this case, the serviceman has the right to file a report - a "report for treatment".


What should the report contain?

Here are the general steps that can help you prepare such a report:

  • Provide personal information: Start with your personal information, such as name, title, position, and other identifying information.
  • Describe the problem: Clearly state the reason for writing the report - your symptoms, injuries, or a condition that requires medical attention.
  • Name the medical measures: Describe any medical procedures or treatments you are currently receiving or have been recommended.
  • State your rationale: Explain why you believe you need treatment and why it may affect your fitness for duty.
  • Sign and date: Sign and date the report.

As a reminder, it is best to write a treatment report accurately and objectively, stating only the facts and your own feelings about your health condition. It is better to write two reports, one of which you submit, and the other with a mark of registration you keep.

If the need for medical treatment affects the ability to perform military duties, a serviceman must inform his military command of his health status and fitness for service.

Can a serviceman seek treatment at a specific medical facility?

If it is not possible to provide the necessary proper treatment within the military unit where the serviceman is serving, he may request to receive medical treatment in a specific medical facility. In the absence of appropriate departments or special medical equipment, assistance may be provided by state or municipal health care facilities.

Is treatment in a private medical facility possible?

Moreover, servicemen who have been injured can receive treatment in private medical facilities, provided that the commander of the military unit has agreed and that the private medical facility provides services free of charge.


One of the main nuances is that a serviceman must inform his command of where he is being treated until he is discharged from the medical facility.

If you do not know how to properly state all the circumstances in the report, you can take the help of a military lawyer. Based on your circumstances and documents, the lawyer will form an individual report for treatment to ensure that a decision is made in your favor.

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