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At present, the law on compensation for damage to and destruction of property as a result of armed aggression by the Russian Federation has not yet been adopted. The procedure for reimbursing the cost of lost housing is determined by several government decrees, which are amended. Experts from Prikhodko & Partners offer instructions on what to do to get compensation for a lost property. The information is relevant today, June 17, 2022.

  • Step 1. Fixing property damage

The fact of damage, destruction or destruction may be confirmed by the SES Inspection Act and / or the Demining Act. Representatives of local authorities or military administrations are involved in drafting such documents.

Subject to the safety of the site, the property owner must take photo and video recordings of the damage (preferably through applications with metadata capture – location, time and date).

If it is impossible to involve SES officers and representatives of local authorities in drawing up the act, then such an act must be drawn up independently with the signatures of eyewitness neighbors.

  • Step 2. Damage notification

The relevant application can be submitted: a) through the application “Action”; b) in the CNAP; c) through a notary. The statement provides information about the damaged object, attaches photos and videos of the damage (if any).

If the property has been entered in the register of property rights, the relevant information about it will be added electronically automatically. If not, you must enter the object information manually.

The completed application can be downloaded in PDF format or received in your e-mail.

  • Step 3. Obtaining a digital document confirming the damage

On June 14, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a single unified form of such a document – before that, certificates were drawn up in any form. The document is the basis for compensation.

At present, the government must approve the form and mechanism of drawing up a unified Act of site inspection.

At the community level, it is planned to set up special commissions of three people to complete these acts, ie to verify damage or destruction of the facility on the basis of reports from citizens. After this procedure, the owner of the damaged object will be able to see in the “Action” application the corresponding Digital document confirming its damage.

  • Step 4. Receiving compensation

The process of developing a unified scheme for calculating the value of losses is still ongoing. The maximum amount of compensation will be set at the level of the total value of the real estate object with an area of ​​100-150 square meters.

Owners of destroyed housing will have the right to choose: a) to receive money to spend on an already commissioned real estate object or to invest in construction; b) get a ready house or apartment.
If the compensation is not enough to cover the cost of new housing, the difference will be paid by the citizen.

Families with many children, persons with disabilities, combatants, and families of war victims will have a priority right to compensation.

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