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The phrase “Association of co-owners of apartment buildings” has long been heard. This means that residents of high-rise buildings can independently manage their property and resolve issues that arise.

But in order for condominiums to be valid for solving problems, it must be registered.

Where to start?

  • Choose an initiative group from among the residents of the apartment building. Usually, these are the most active residents of the house. Such a group must consist of at least 3 people.
  • Inform all residents of the house about the general meeting.

At the message it is necessary to consider:

  • First, the notice must be sent to all residents of the house no later than 14 days before the date when the General Meeting is to be held;
  • Second, notices must be delivered in person to all residents against a receipt or sent by mail with a notice of service;
  • Thirdly, it should not be forgotten that the notice of the General Meeting should indicate the date and time of the meeting, who initiated the meeting, and the issues to be discussed.

General meeting

During the general meeting, the chairman of the meeting and the secretary are elected from among those present. The decision of the general meeting is recorded in the Minutes. Each occupant of the apartment has a vote that is proportional to his share of the apartment.


Requirements for registration of condominiums are the same as for legal entities. That is, the minutes of the General Meeting on the establishment of condominiums and the Charter of condominiums in two copies must be submitted to the state registrar.

The day of creation of condominiums is the day of entering information into the Unified State Register by the state registrar.

That is, in order for the occupants of the house to be able to manage the house and decide on the disposal of joint property, it is necessary to know some legal details. After all, incorrectly drawn up minutes of the General Meeting or inconsistency of the Statute can delay the process of creating condominiums for a long time.

It is good if there are legally savvy citizens among the residents of the house who have the time and desire to deal with this issue. But if you do not have them, a good alternative is to contact a lawyer or attorney who will advise on the creation of condominiums and help prepare the necessary documents for state registration. It is also worth noting that a specialist in law will not only help to register condominiums, but also provide detailed information about its future activities.

We should not forget about the purpose of creating condominiums. After all, in order to register condominiums requires the consent of more than half of apartment owners. It should be remembered that the registration of condominiums will benefit all residents. Because this is the only way to improve the level of service and condition of the apartment building.

Therefore, if you want to change your life for the better, you need to take some action, not expect the situation to change on its own. Having registered condominiums, many residents have already changed the condition of their homes for the better.

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