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Registration of inheritance for a land share

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Design inheritance on a land share in Ukraine always was a relevant question. It connected in the first queue with that citizens of Ukraine own significant by share land shares, which were provided back in the day decay collective farms under the USSR.

It causes a transition over time land ownership plots from one person to another in order to inheritance.

However, in practice, people always have arisen problematic questions regarding how to properly issue the land share in order to inheritance so as not to violate legislation.

In this article, we will consider in detail what are the peculiarities of Ukraine's design inheritance on a land share.

What trace understand under the concepts of land share?

Normative and legal Acts of Ukraine provide the following definition of land share (share) - a certain area of land that has a size that is mentioned in hectares and the specified amount ( estimate ) in cash. But like that, the plot is not allocated in kind, that is, on the terrain.

How is it happening? inheritance of the land share and what documents for this are necessary?

According to the general rule, inheritance of a land share occurs in two possible options: by law and by will.  If the person has not paid for his life testament, then in this case heritage accepts heirs according to the queues defined in the Central Committee.

In order for heirs to confirm their right to inheritance land shares are needed such documents:

  • State act on land ownership. It confirms the testator's ownership of the land plot, which has already been demarcated to the relevant territory and assigned a cadastral number.
  • Certificate for the right to a land share (share). It also confirms that the testator has the right to receive a plot of land (share). However, there is a certain legal nuance. The certificate is valid until the moment when the land plot has not yet been allocated in the area (in kind) and there is no state act on the ownership of the plot. In addition, according to this certificate, a person has only the right to allocate a land plot (share) and in reality is not yet its owner.
  • decisions of judicial bodies on recognition of the right to a land share (share);
  • documents confirming your legal right to inheritance;
  • contracts of sale or sale of a land share (share), which are submitted together with the certificate.

With the specified documents, which are in the person's possession, she applies to the notary with an application for acceptance of the inheritance. He examines the submitted documents and makes a decision on the existence of legal grounds for inheriting a land share (share).

Importantly! If such a plot of land is inherited by law, then the heirs who are not included in the first and second tiers in accordance with the CCU must also provide the notary with a monetary valuation of the plot of land.

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Specializes in family law and inheritance matters.

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