Registration of a Ukrainian passport in Poland

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Registration of a Ukrainian passport in Poland

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If you need to apply for a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad while in Poland, you can do so through a consular office or the state-owned enterprise "Document", which has offices in different countries of the world.

What should you know about applying for a passport in Poland?

As for the legal framework, this issue is regulated by Government Decree № 152. It is important to know that the procedure for making an appointment to submit documents to the Consulate has been updated. Now it is available only if you have a valid signature, electronic digital signature or Bank ID. For people who left Ukraine more than 10 years ago, this updated procedure is somewhat problematic. In addition, the state-owned enterprise "Document" also maintains records on its website only through an electronic signature.


The procedure for issuing passports for traveling abroad and other legal acts regulating this issue stipulate that a citizen may have no more than 2 valid passports at the same time.

In addition to the standard list of documents (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, TIN certificate), if you have 2 passports in your possession, you will need to hand over the one that is expired or about to expire.

As for the time required to obtain a passport, on average, this procedure takes 4 to 6 months. First, the application is accepted by the representative office itself, then by the State Migration Service. There, the documents undergo a number of additional checks and are then sent to the Printing Plant "Ukraine". It is there that the passport will be produced. The document's further path is as follows:

  • the finished passport is delivered to the State Migration Service ;
  • then it is sent abroad by diplomatic mail to be issued at the place of application.

It is the complexity of this procedure and the involvement of many authorized entities in Ukraine and abroad that causes the specified timeframe.

Why is it worth using legal support?

When you choose the option of legal support in such matters as the production of a Ukrainian passport in Poland, you greatly simplify your life. Lawyers take care of all the necessary steps in this process, except for those that require your personal presence. Such specialists work in the team of the law firm "Prikhodko & Partners". Inquiries in the field of migration law are our specialization, so we regularly provide support for them.


We can help you with specific areas of service such as:

  • Consultation on the possible exchange or issuance of a passport for a person who already has 2 valid passports.
  • Consultation on the required package of documents. This allows you to avoid applying to a consular office or state enterprise "Document" twice.
  • Assistance in making an appointment with a representative office.
  • Consulting support for the procedure of obtaining a passport abroad.

The migration lawyers of the law firm "Prikhodko & Partners" are regularly contacted by clients with such requests, so we have a clear algorithm of actions. It is worth remembering that the procedure for issuing a passport in another country is a long one. Therefore, it is worth at least not complicating it artificially, but using the legal support of those who specialize in these matters.

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