Registration of a foreign passport

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Registration of a foreign passport

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A foreign passport is the document without which it is impossible to cross the state border of Ukraine. If at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia there were still some relaxations in this matter, today the situation has relatively stabilized, and the requirements for crossing the border have largely returned. If you want to issue a passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel abroad quickly enough, you should use the help of lawyers who are able to help in this matter. Such professionals work at the Prikhodko&Partners law office.

Registration of a foreign passport - information deskWhat is the content of the service?

We do not issue a passport, as there is a clearly established list of state structures that are entrusted with this duty. However, we do everything necessary to ask you about the procedure and speed it up. Thus, clients are offered effective legal support for the procedure of issuing a foreign passport.


We have enough knowledge and developed work algorithms to legally speed up the production of the document. This is relevant for those clients who issue a passport to travel abroad not with the aim of using it in the long term, but with specific plans for the near future. And we know what to do so that the long production of the document does not become an obstacle to these plans.

Registration of a foreign passport - employee portfolioWhere can I issue a foreign passport?

In Ukraine, this option is assigned to 3 institutions. They are the state enterprise “Dokument”, the State Migration Service (its territorial subdivisions) and the National Center for Migration and Refugees. You can make a foreign passport in other countries as well. This is necessary when:

  • the person left Ukraine using an internal passport when there was such an opportunity;
  • the validity period of the previous foreign passport has expired;
  • you need to issue the first foreign passport for the child.

In this case, a passport for traveling abroad is issued at the diplomatic institutions of Ukraine. Here, too, we can provide remote support for the procedure. And in some countries, there is a citizen service center called “Passport Service”. You can use its services in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdańsk, Krakow, Bratislava and Prague. By the way, this list is regularly updated. Therefore, when advising their clients, the specialists of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm talk about this in more detail.

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Registration of a foreign passport - fast timeHow long will the passport be valid?

The validity period of a foreign passport depends on the age of the person issuing it. For example, if it is about a person who has reached the age of 16, then the document will be valid for 10 years. And if a passport is issued for a child who has not yet reached this age, it will be valid for 4 years.

Registration of a foreign passport - team informationOur services in the field of migration law

Migration law is one of the key areas of activity in which Prikhodko&Partners provides its services. That is why you can contact us not only in the matter of issuing a foreign passport, but also in many other topics that are relevant to you. If we talk about the types of services provided by our team, they can be divided into 3 large groups:

  • advisory activity;
  • legal support of client requests;
  • representation of interests in court.

Providing various services in the field of migration law, our lawyers have practical experience, are well versed in the legislation, so you can safely entrust us with the solution of your legal issues. Fill out the form on the website and our lawyer will call you to clarify the information and advise on the issues that interest you.

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