Refusal to travel abroad – appeal against the refusal to cross the border of Ukraine

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Refusal to travel abroad – appeal against the refusal to cross the border of Ukraine

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In the conditions of martial law, crossing the state border very often turns into a whole quest, quite difficult and confusing. In particular, we are talking about the departure abroad of such a group of Ukrainian citizens as conscript men aged 18 to 60. Thus, the services of a lawyer for appealing against the refusal to cross the border of Ukraine is an issue that is more relevant than ever. If you have been denied permission to travel abroad, it is better to use the help of real specialists – lawyers Prykhodko and Partners.

What categories of citizens have the legal right to cross the border?

The introduction of martial law significantly adjusted the procedure for crossing the state border. Both conscript men and women are prohibited from leaving the borders of Ukraine during martial law. However, there are certain exceptions. They are prescribed in the currently valid Rules for crossing the state border by citizens of Ukraine. Also, the procedure is regulated by Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine. Therefore, the following can cross the state border:

  • Persons who are unfit for military service.

Among them are men with confirmed disabilities of I-III groups, as well as wounded servicemen.

Reasons: health condition, exclusion from military registration.

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  • Men who have a permit for permanent residence and residence outside of Ukraine.

Grounds: relevant marks in the foreign passport, documents provided by representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

  • Men who are getting an education abroad (a mandatory condition is a full-time uniform).
    Single parents, men supporting three or more children.

Grounds: availability of supporting documents.

  • Male guardians.

Grounds: availability of supporting documents.

  • Men whose professional activity is connected with going outside of Ukraine.

Among such professions: drivers (carrying goods that are related to the full functioning of the state — transportation of humanitarian aid goods, medical goods, etc.), volunteers, athletes, cultural figures, sailors.

  • Women who do not belong to the category of conscripts.

Assistance of lawyers when crossing the state border

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of professional services related to crossing the state border. Including:

  • Consultancy

Professional counseling may concern the following issues: grounds for crossing the border, reservation for the period of mobilization, the procedure for recognizing unfitness for military service.

  • Assistance in preparing a package of necessary documents

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners can not only advise on the legal regime of crossing the border, but also guide how to correctly draw up documents for crossing the border of Ukraine on legal grounds.

  • Support of a lawyer in the process of legal border crossing.

This is another area of work of our lawyers. If you were refused to cross the border, our specialists will be able to collect all the necessary evidence and documents. They will be the basis for the initiation of the appeal procedure against this refusal.

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How is the appeal against the refusal to cross the state border? In most cases, this is done mainly through the administrative court.

Thus, our lawyers are professional lawyers who specialize in the grounds, conditions and procedure for crossing the state border of Ukraine. We will not only advise you on the possibility of going abroad, but also appeal, if necessary, the refusal to leave our country.

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