Receiving a grant for a processing enterprise in the amount of 8 million hryvnias

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Receiving a grant for a processing enterprise in the amount of 8 million hryvnias

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A client with 10 years of experience in the wholesale of board materials (MDF, fiberboard, chipboard, HDF) and plywood, taking into account the rapid development of the European integration direction and the reconstruction of Ukraine, in order to provide Ukrainian consumers with high-quality board materials at affordable prices, the company’s management made a decision to launch production lines for the production of plywood, the main purpose of which is to quickly provide Ukrainians of all regions, in conditions of martial law, with high-quality board materials of domestic production.

Receiving a grant for a processing enterprise in the amount of 8 million hryvnias - mid adult worker operating cnc machine while working industrial facility

To realize this goal, the company concluded contracts for the supply of equipment for the production of plate materials, which provides for the creation of new jobs and the expansion of production capacities.

In this context, the client turned to our company with the desire to provide qualified support for obtaining a state grant for a processing enterprise in the amount of 8 million hryvnias.

After a careful study of the conditions and coordination of actions, a cooperation agreement was signed. The necessary package of documents for the development of a business plan was prepared together with the client.

At the same time, the client signed agreements with foreign and domestic equipment suppliers and subcontractors for the transportation and installation of the necessary equipment.

After the package of documents was formed and agreed upon, the application was submitted, and the very next day, confirmation of the successful completion of the preliminary selection stage was received. The bank manager requested the above-mentioned package of documents, which the client had prepared at that time.

After sending the answer to the request to the bank, we received confirmation that the application was sent to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine for consideration.

Three weeks later, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine published an order on the decision to grant grants for the creation or development of processing enterprises. Among the recipients of financing was our client.

The next stage was the opening of an account and the transfer of one’s own contribution in order to use these funds for the purchase of equipment and to ensure the operation of the processing enterprise, in accordance with the agreed business plan.

Thus, our professional efforts and cooperation with the client allowed us to provide him with the necessary financial resources for the successful implementation of his business plan and the development of his enterprise.

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