Recalculation of pensions for firefighters

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Recalculation of pensions for firefighters

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Unfortunately, the issue of proper determination of pension amounts for former military personnel and employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) remains a pressing one. While pensioners of the Ministry of Defense are actively defending their rights in courts, dismissed firefighters and rescuers of the SES are not very active in this area.

The reason for passivity

The main reason for this inactivity is the lack of awareness among former SES employees that, according to current legislation, their pension payments should be higher than the amounts accrued to them by state authorities. Unfortunately, the authorized institutions deliberately use various methods to diminish the legal pension rights of dismissed emergency workers, determining lower pension amounts than provided for by the regulations.


Legal rights to recalculate pensions

According to the law, retired SES rescuers have the right to recalculate previously granted pensions, taking into account the following components of their financial support during service

  • monthly additional remuneration
  • additional payments;
  • bonuses.

All these payments should be included in the total amount of the pension according to the law, since they were used to pay unified state pension insurance contributions during their service.

Pension authorities ignore the law

However, in practice, pension authorities have been unreasonably ignoring the law and the Supreme Court's rulings by refusing to recalculate pensions to former emergency responders or by underestimating their amounts. When calculating pensions, they take into account only the basic salary and bonuses for length of service, excluding other components of the pension provided by law.

This situation forces SES pensioners to go to court to protect their violated rights. Only a court decision can oblige the Pension Fund and other authorities to properly take into account all types of payments and adjust pension amounts in accordance with the law.

Meritorious pensions

For many years of risky service in extremely difficult conditions aimed at protecting the lives and health of citizens, former SES rescuers deserve a decent pension in accordance with the letter of the law, without arbitrary diminution of their rights by the state.

Documents required for recalculation of military pension

  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (a copy with a photo and residence permit).
  • Identification code.
  • Documents on benefits (if any).
  • Original pension certificate.
  • New salary certificate.
  • Application to the Pension Fund for pension recalculation.
  • The Pension Fund's decision to refuse recalculation (if any).

These documents are necessary for the correct and timely recalculation of military pensions for former SES employees, ensuring them decent financial security after retirement.

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