Recalculation of pensions for employees of the State Protection Department

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Recalculation of pensions for employees of the State Protection Department

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Service in the State Protection Service of Ukraine is associated with an increased risk to the life and health of its employees. Given this specificity, proper pension provision is extremely important for the social protection of this category of persons after completion of service. The issue of timely and fair recalculation of pensions for former employees of the State Protection Department is of particular importance, as they make a significant contribution to the security of the state, often at the risk of their own lives and health. Proper pension provision should guarantee them a decent standard of living after retirement, which is a fair reward for their diligent and dangerous service.


Grounds for recalculation of pensions

Pensions for employees of the State Protection Department are recalculated in several cases:

  • Annual recalculation in line with the growth of the average wage in Ukraine. Pensions are recalculated annually to protect them from depreciation due to inflation and to preserve their purchasing power by indexing them to the growth of the average wage in Ukraine over the previous year.
  • Recalculation due to changes in legislation. Pensions are recalculated in the event of changes in pension legislation, including increases in the minimum pension, changes in the calculation formula or the establishment of new rules for calculating pensions.
  • Recalculation after the next special rank is awarded. After a higher special rank is awarded, the pension is recalculated to take into account the new rank and the corresponding increase in pension payments.
  • Recalculation upon reaching the prescribed age or length of service for receiving an increased pension. Certain categories of employees of the State Protection Department are eligible to receive an increased pension upon reaching a certain age or a certain number of years of service. In this case, the pension is recalculated in accordance with the new conditions.

What is the procedure for recalculating pensions?

  • Initiation of the process by the State Protection Department
  • Preparation of the necessary package of documents
  • Consideration of documents by the Pension Fund
  • Recalculation of pensions

It is important to comply with the statutory deadlines for recalculation of pensions, timely execution and submission of relevant documents by all parties to the process to ensure proper pension provision for former employees of the State Protection Department.

Problems in practical implementation

In practice, the process of recalculating pensions often faces certain problems:

  • Imperfection of legislative regulation in terms of taking into account all the peculiarities of the service of employees of the State Protection Department.
  • Budget constraints and insufficient funding for pension recalculation.
  • Delays in the timely submission of documents to the Pension Fund, which delays the recalculation process.
  • Bureaucratic obstacles and long processing times in the Pension Fund's territorial offices.


Protect your rights to a decent pension

If, nevertheless, it happened that your rights to timely and fair recalculation of your pension as an employee of the State Protection Department were violated or you have difficulties at any stage of this process, immediately seek qualified legal assistance from Prikhodko & Partners.

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