Recalculation of pensions for employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (FISU)

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Recalculation of pensions for employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (FISU)

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Citizens who have served the prescribed term and have the right to a pension for years of service, in particular military personnel of intelligence agencies, such as the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, in accordance with the law on pension provision of such persons, receive pension payments calculated taking into account the amount of their salary and financial support at the time of dismissal from service in accordance with the regulations and rules in force during the period of their official activity and termination of military or intelligence service duties.

That is, the pension is calculated based on the income of a person in the service, including in intelligence, at the time of completion of his military or intelligence career in accordance with the law.


In connection with the fact that in 2021 the salaries of all employees of intelligence agencies were increased, on February 23, 2022, Resolution № 144 "On recalculation of pensions for persons dismissed from intelligence agencies" was adopted. According to the order, the pensions of former intelligence officers were also to be increased as their salaries increased in 2021. Thus, the purpose of the Decree was to increase the pensions of former intelligence officers in accordance with the increase in their salaries while they were still working.

Who is expected to increase the pension?

The pension is to be increased for a military pensioner who retired before July 14, 2021 and previously served in intelligence agencies. That is, if a person resigned from the intelligence service and retired before the specified date, his pension will be increased in accordance with the new law. The main thing is that the retirement should be before 07/14/2021 and that the service should take place in the intelligence agencies.

The procedure for increasing the pension

To receive an increased pension, you need:

  • Submit an application to the body where the pensioner is serving, with a request to issue a certificate on the amount of financial support as of July 17, 2021.
  • Apply to the Pension Fund of Ukraine with a request to transfer the pension in accordance with the certificate, starting from August 1, 2021.
  • If the Pension Fund refuses, file a lawsuit in court for recalculation and pension increase.

First, you need to get a certificate, then contact the PFU, and in case of refusal, appeal it in court.

List of required documents

To apply for an increased pension, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Passport (the first two pages with personal data and the page with registration of the place of residence).
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Documents confirming the availability of benefits (certificates regarding disability, participant in hostilities, etc.).
  • Documents from the intelligence agency where the person served - dismissal order, record of pension assignment.
  • Other available certificates or orders issued during service or upon discharge.

In other words - a standard set of documents for personal identification, confirmation of benefits and documentation from the former place of service regarding dismissal and pension.

Legal support for the transfer of pensions to military personnel

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