Recalculation of pensions for border guards

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Recalculation of pensions for border guards

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Everyone has the right to receive a decent pension upon retirement. This is especially true for military personnel, as they ensure the security of the state at the cost of their own health and lives. Therefore, the state must guarantee the military proper financial support after retirement, which will correspond to the importance of their work and the risks they took.


Pension provision for servicemen of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Pension Provision for Persons Discharged from Military Service and Certain Other Persons", which comprehensively regulates the issue of pension provision for this category of servicemen in view of the special nature of their service.

How to increase the pension for former military border guards?

According to the law, servicemen who retired before 2018 have the legal right to recalculate their pensions if the salaries of current servicemen have increased.

To exercise this right, former border guards need to apply to the authority that issued certificates of their financial support during their service. After submitting an application, veterans will receive an updated certificate, which will serve as the basis for recalculating a higher pension.

Attention! A certificate for 2019 is required only for former military personnel discharged before 2018. For others, the recalculation is carried out in accordance with the law.

Thus, with an updated salary certificate for 2019, border guard veterans can legally increase their pension benefits.

The components of military pay are set out in the certificate

The salary certificate for a serviceman of the State Border Guard Service contains comprehensive information on all types of cash payments he received during his service.

In particular, the certificate contains

  • the official salary of the serviceman,
  • allowances for special conditions of service,
  • for length of service,
  • for having an academic degree or sports title,
  • bonuses and other incentives paid.

The total amount of all these payments for a given period is the amount of a particular serviceman's pay. It is on the basis of the data from the certificate that the amount of the military's pension is calculated after discharge. The certificate reflects in detail all the components of the military's earnings during the period of his service.

Professional support from lawyers on pension recalculation

It is a well-established fact that an adequate amount of pension for the border guard service is not only a manifestation of respect from the state, but also an important incentive to attract young people to military service.


Quite often, in practice, military personnel often encounter difficulties when recalculating pensions. The law firm "Prikhodko & Partners" understands the importance and necessity of proper recalculation of military pensions. Therefore, our lawyers provide full advice on the possibility and conditions of pension recalculation, represent the interests of military personnel in courts, and accompany the entire process of obtaining an updated pension amount.

We understand the importance and necessity of proper recalculation of pensions for the military and make every effort to help them receive decent financial support after completing their service. Contact us for professional legal assistance today!

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