Reasons for men to go abroad in 2024

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Reasons for men to go abroad in 2024

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Since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine in February 2022, the rules for crossing the state border by men aged 18-60 (that is, those who fall under the category of conscripts) have changed significantly. Specialists of our Prykhodko and Partners law firm have prepared answers to the most common questions regarding the grounds for legal travel abroad by men in 2024.


The most common questions about border crossing by men in 2024

Let's start answering topical questions related to crossing the state border.

- What legal basis regulates the legal crossing of the state border?

A number of legislative acts have been adopted in Ukraine, the main ones of which are: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 57 and Laws of Ukraine "On mobilization and mobilization training", "On the procedure for exit/entry of citizens of Ukraine".

Important: Resolution No. 57 was adopted back in 1995. Changes to this Resolution are regularly made by the Cabinet of Ministers. Therefore, it still has not lost its validity.

- What categories of men can cross the state border in 2024?

First of all, boys under the age of 18 and men over 60 years of age have the right to unimpeded travel outside of Ukraine during martial law. That is, they are not subject to mobilization due to their age.

In addition, men who fall under the age of mobilization can cross the state border, however:

  • Permanently live outside Ukraine.
  • Removed/excluded from military registration.
  • They have permission to legally cross the border based on their health.
  • Accompanying close relatives.
  • They have a relevant professional activity that does not involve bans on traveling to other countries.

Therefore, more than 20 categories of men have the right to legally cross the border. All these categories are listed in detail in Cabinet Resolution No. 57.


- What documents can confirm the right to cross the border?

The main document that a man must have when crossing the border is an identity document. In addition, all certificates confirming the right to cross the state border must be available. The package of documents depends on what grounds the person has for crossing the border. It is quite difficult to understand the grounds for legal border crossing on your own. It is better to enlist the support of professional lawyers. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when crossing the state border.

Legal support for the legal crossing of the state border in 2024

Even with the presence of all legal grounds and documents for crossing the state border, problems with exit may arise. For example, very recently, representatives of the border service did not allow men who have three or more minor children or who have a disability of the III group to go abroad. The border guards themselves admit their mistakes. Because they are often guided not by the current legal framework, but by the oral orders of their leadership.

So, if you have been refused a legal crossing of the state border, you should not give up and defend your interests to the end. For this, it is necessary to enlist the support of professional lawyers. Our lawyers will be able to appeal the decision to refuse to leave. Thus, you will be able to save not only your own nerves, but also such precious time. It is quite difficult to do it on your own.

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