Фото: Real estate tax reports: real estate, land, transport

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Real estate tax reports: real estate, land, transport

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One of the requirements for compliance with tax legislation is timely reporting, and in the case of tax obligations it is necessary to understand when and how to submit reports, in particular, for real estate, land and transport.

The deadline for registration of property tax reports

By February 20, each year, legal organizations should register real estate tax reports.

Where to send and how to count

The amount of payment of property taxes is calculated by the legal organization independently. The reporting is made in the form of a declaration for each real estate tax separately. That is, there should be three declarations - a declaration of real estate tax, a report on transport tax and a declaration of land payment. Such declarations are submitted to the control tax authorities at the location of real estate or land, as well as for vehicles at the place of registration of these vehicles.

The form of the announcement in 2023 was slightly changed, which should also be taken into account when sending it.

Property tax

The object of taxation is objects of residential and non -residential real estate. That is, if a legal entity has different real estate objects, then it includes taxation. The exception is real estate, which is located in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Such property is not subject to tax on the basis of PP. 69.22 press. 10 section. XX PKU.

Land tax

The calculation of the land fee occurs as of January 1 of the corresponding year. The basis of taxation is a regulatory and monetary assessment for land taxation. Again, the tax is not charged on the ground in the occupied territories or in the territories where military operations are carried out. But zero tax return should still be submitted and indicates the reasons for the exemption from taxation.

Transport tax

Taxation has been taxed by vehicles from the year of production of less than five years, and the average cost of which is 375 of the minimum wage established by the law as of January 1 of the year of the year of the year. In 2023 it is 2 512 500 gr. Legal organizations must submit an appropriate declaration at the place of registration of such cars. If a legal entity owns several vehicles that are taxed and registered in different places, then tax return for each car in front of the tax authority, where such a vehicle is actually registered.

Thus, as mentioned above, in 2023, the form of tax returns and reports on property taxes changed. This should be taken into account when reporting to prevent errors. But in the case of additional questions, do not neglect the help of accounting and reporting specialists. This will help to properly report and avoid fines for incorrect or late reporting.

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