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 Restrictive measures in connection with COVID-2019 in Ukraine are starting to subside little by little. Terraces of restaurants and cafes have been opened, it is allowed to visit parks and promenades.

 Based on the decision of the Government, from May 25, 2020, the migration service relaxed precautions when providing services for people.

 In particular, the work schedule of most units of the migration service has returned to normal, restrictions on the types of administrative services provided have been lifted, now Ukrainians and foreigners can receive the service stipulated by the working procedure of a certain body (with the exception of some areas where the regime has not been relaxed).

 With all this, employees of the migration service and other bodies ask people to adhere to the basic rules:

  • observe distances, do not create crowds in the premises of state bodies;
  • be sure to use disinfectants, masks and rubber gloves;
  • avoid contact with sick people and other recommendations.

 Regarding the services provided, the migration service does not yet work for the service “Registration of extension of stay and permission to immigrate to Ukraine”. These services are focused on foreigners. According to preliminary information, these services will be available by early June. Also, the service is available – “Electronic Queue”. Staying at home, you can book yourself time in the migration service to submit documents for a particular service. This will simplify and speed up the reception or verification of documents.

 Despite the complexity of the situation in the country, the Migration Service is developing new strategies for better quality of work of its departments and puts forward new pilot projects. For example, on May 28, 2020, they launched a program that minimizes the burden on citizens, will reduce the number of visits to government agencies, including the admin service centers for obtaining inquiries and the tax payer service centers for submitting an application for assigning a registration number for a payer account taxes. This project was implemented with the participation and support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the State Tax Service of Ukraine, as well as the Reform Support Office (from the Government of Canada). The essence of the service lies in the fact that every person from 14 to 18 years old has the right to issue an identification code for the first time when issuing an internal Ukrainian passport. The service will be provided free of charge.

 The main requirements remain:

  • provision of real original documents;
  • documentary evidence of the registration of the place of residence at the place of circulation.

RNOKPP will be recorded on the ID card of the passport of Ukraine.

 Employees of the Central Interregional Directorate of Hydrometeorological Services in the city of Kiev and Kiev region have already held seminars with their employees and explained the features of the provision of this service and possible conditions for cooperation between departments.

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