Prohibition of entry into Ukraine for foreigners

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Prohibition of entry into Ukraine for foreigners

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Sometimes there are situations when foreigners are not allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine or the visa that was obtained earlier is canceled. In some cases, when it comes to persons who pose a threat to national security, such a ban is justified. However, in a number of other situations, there is no reason for it. Regarding the thorough checking of documents of foreign citizens, this is always part of the regulatory policy when crossing the Ukrainian border. At the same time, the beginning of a full-scale war increased the attention of the authorized state bodies and their officials to those who cross the border of our state even more.

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What legal acts regulate entry into Ukraine?

As for the entry of foreigners, the regulatory framework governing this issue is as follows:

  • Law “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”.
  • Verdict of the Verkhovna Rada On the rules of entry of foreigners and stateless persons into Ukraine.

In order to legally cross the state border of Ukraine, you need a passport and a visa, except for situations where the legislation provides for a different procedure.


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Who can be prevented from entering the territory of Ukraine?

A person may be prohibited from crossing the state border of Ukraine directly at the checkpoint. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • threat to the national security of Ukraine;
  • forged documents;
  • violation of the current legislation of Ukraine during the period of his previous stay on the territory of our state;
  • the presence of an infectious disease identified by the relevant body in the health care system as preventing entry to our territory;
  • lack of financial support, which would be necessary to stay in Ukraine.

In some of these cases, it is possible to appeal against the ban on entry to Ukraine for foreigners.

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What to do if you are denied entry at a checkpoint?

In this case, we advise you to follow the following recommendations:

  • politely ask the representative of the border service to give you a decision on the basis of which entry is prohibited, with the correct indication of the reason;
  • do not then try to cross the border on your own in places not provided for this, as this may result in forced return to the country you are coming from and even criminal liability;
  • seek help from professional lawyers.

We offer our clients support services for similar cases and appeal the decisions of border guards in the regional office of the State Border Service or in court. And, as practice shows, in situations where the ban is unfounded, it can be successfully challenged. The key is that when you have already encountered such an unpleasant situation at the border, you should not quarrel or act in a confrontational manner, as this may result in a protocol on an administrative offense.

Calmly demand from the border guards the justification of their actions and the corresponding documentary record in a written decision. And then we will do our job and do our best to help you.

Migration law belongs to the specialization of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm, so we know how to protect the rights of our clients in similar situations.

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