Production of a foreign passport abroad

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Production of a foreign passport abroad

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Issuing a foreign passport abroad is a fairly common service, given the fact that several million Ukrainians are now in other countries. In order to free yourself from unnecessary time and bureaucratic nuances, it would be a good choice to contact lawyers who specialize in migration law. Such assistance will be very appropriate and will provide answers to all questions related to how to extend a foreign passport abroad. The law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” employs experts who have a good understanding of this topic, so we will be able to help quickly and efficiently. For now, let’s consider some aspects of the legal regulation of this issue.

Production of a foreign passport abroad - employee portfolioWhen should I apply for a passport?

So, it is worth starting with the cases in which a citizen of Ukraine may be faced with the need to produce a foreign passport abroad. This applies to those situations when:

  • the document must be obtained for the first time;
  • there was a change of name or surname;
  • the previous passport has lost its validity due to the expiration date;
  • the passport has been damaged and it has become unfit for further use;
  • the information in the document has errors.


The situation when a foreign passport has expired abroad is quite common. So it is worth replacing the document with a new one. You can submit documents in Germany, Poland, Turkey.

The term of production of a foreign passport abroad is 3 weeks.

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Production of a foreign passport abroad - audit test 1What documents do you need to have with you to make a passport?

An adult must have a valid internal passport. If it so happened that the passport is missing or the photo was not pasted in the passport booklet in time, then two passports will need to be made at the same time – domestic and foreign. Then the key document that needs to be submitted for registration is the birth certificate.

When we talk about issuing a foreign passport for a child, we need an original birth certificate and a photo measuring 10×15 centimeters. The list of documents, which is submitted in the case when the child was born abroad, is somewhat longer. Then you also need to provide a certificate confirming Ukrainian citizenship. If it is not there, then the team of our law office is ready to help in the preparation of this document.

Production of a foreign passport abroad - group protectionWhy does it make sense to contact our team?

Specialists in the practice of migration law of the legal company “Prikhodko&Partners” regularly encounter in their work those client requests that are in the area of migration law. We understand very well that, being abroad, our compatriots often find themselves in a situation of confusion and do not know where to start when it comes to solving urgent legal issues. To prevent such situations from happening, we offer our help, which can be in 2 formats:

  • Consultancy. During the consultation, you will learn not only basic information about your questions, but also understand how specific legal norms are applied in the application plane of your particular situation.
  • Legal support and representation. Such services will be appropriate for those clients who have a request that lawyers take over the main part of the work and free them from unnecessary expenditure of time and effort.


As for consultations, they are possible in two formats – offline and online. When it comes to the production of a foreign passport abroad, there is an online support here, because the clients are not in Ukraine.

We are good at this kind of work and have good experience in it, as our law office is often approached with such needs. Therefore, you can also take advantage of this opportunity.

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