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According to Article 319 of the Civil Code (CC), Ukrainians have the right to freely dispose of their property. But in order to use real estate as a home or for business purposes, it should be assigned to the relevant fund – residential or non-residential. The law allows the transfer of apartments and houses to a non-residential fund, as well as returning them the status of housing, but only if it does not conflict with the law.

         What is residential real estate – a residential property is considered to be a building that meets technical specifications and sanitary standards, and is also suitable for people living. These objects are subject to special requirements:
 intended for living premises located on the territory of residential buildings should have all the necessary communications;
 bearing structures in such structures should not have deformed and clearly destroyed areas;
 All engineering networks assigned to such real estate must comply with the standards and be safe;
 must have protection from water and the environment.
          The transfer of a room is a complicated procedure. It is very difficult to independently carry out such an action, because it is necessary to understand the legal terms accurately, to know the laws. Also, the process is complicated by the attendance of numerous services, the collection of documentation and the correct formulation of applications.
          In order to change the appointment of a room, it is necessary to collect a package of documents:
– statement of the owner of the property with his request to change the destination from non-residential to residential;
– technical passport;
– documents confirming the ownership of the object;
– for multistory buildings, it is necessary to provide a floor plan of high-rise buildings;
– re-design documentation, if any, has been performed or will be carried out.
In the process of considering an application, a government institution may require other types of documentation. After collecting the complete package, consideration of the case about changing the purpose of the object of real estate by the local government, which lasts 45 calendar days. Upon expiration of this period, the applicant will either receive permission to change the appointment of the premises or refusal to issue such a document.
If you need a transfer of an apartment to a non-residential fund or a transfer of a room from a residential to non-residential, the correct decision will seek the help of a specialist.
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