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Legislation provides for a simplified commissioning procedure for private buildings, small and medium-sized office buildings, and small apartment buildings.

If for facilities with consequence class CC2 and CC3 an application and a certificate of readiness for operation must be submitted to the GASK body in order to obtain the relevant certificate, for facilities CC1 (minor complexity) a declaration of readiness for operation is filled in and submitted, which after inspection is registered by the GASK body.

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Stages of commissioning of a facility with consequence class CC1

The same algorithm is used for new buildings, as well as under conditions of reconstruction or overhaul, as well as the legalization of the object of unauthorized construction.

In order to easily put into operation a private house or other real estate object, which is assigned to the class of responsibility (consequences) SS1, the following steps should be taken:

  • Step 1. Get a construction passport.
  • Step 2. Submit a notice of commencement of construction work.
  • Step 3. Conduct a technical inventory and obtain a technical passport.
  • Step 4. Submit a declaration of readiness for operation.
  • Step 5. Register the right of ownership in the register of property rights.

According to Article 2 of the Law “208/94-VR “On Liability for Offenses in the Sphere of Urban Development” of 14.10.1994, the use of construction sites SS1, not put into operation, entails liability in the form of a fine – 36 subsistence minimums for able-bodied persons (as of January 2022 – UAH 89,316).

Submission of a declaration of readiness for operation

Such a declaration is submitted after the completion of construction works. There are two ways to fill in the standard declaration form and submit it to the relevant GASK body:

  • through the online service of public services “Action” (electronic system for the implementation of declarative and permitting procedures in construction);
  • through the Center for Administrative Services.

Important points:

  • the GASK body verifies the veracity of the information provided in the declaration within 10 working days, after which it makes an appropriate entry in the register of construction activities;
  • the declaration may be submitted only if there is information on the right of ownership / use of the land plot on which the building is located;
  • in case of submission of the declaration through the Center for Administrative Services the passport and the identification code will be required, if documents are submitted by the authorized representative (lawyer) – the power of attorney on it;
  • there is no fee for registration of the declaration for objects of insignificant complexity;
  • the date of registration of the declaration is considered to be the date of acceptance into operation.
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