Privatization of a house – the price of privatization of a house and land

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Privatization of a house – the price of privatization of a house and land

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According to the current Ukrainian legislation, it is possible to dispose of real estate at your own discretion only if all the necessary documents are correctly executed. If this is not done, i.e., if the house is not privatized, it will be impossible to rent it, sell it, bequeath it, etc. If your real estate is not privatized, it is better to do it as soon as possible. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to help you with this.

Privatization: what to consider?

Privatization of real estate is often understood as registration of ownership rights to a house and land. This is the transfer of various types of property into the ownership of individuals. Most often, the privatization procedure is carried out for a house or apartment. Privatization of a private house means the legalization of self-construction, that is, a self-built house.

Which real estate objects are not subject to privatization?

Not all types of real estate can be privatized. So, for example, citizens can be denied privatization if they live in emergency housing. Applicants who plan to change the status of the real estate object in the future will also be refused. We are talking, for example, about housing located on the territory of biosphere reserves, museums or historical and cultural reserves. In addition, it will not be possible to privatize the house if the following inconsistencies are detected:

  • In the process of building the house, violations of the building regulations in force in Ukraine were detected.

The only exception is that the violation can be corrected.

  • The house was built on a plot of land with restrictions, prohibitions or arrests.

We are also talking about cases where the building itself is the subject of legal proceedings.

  • The ownership of the land plot was not restored after the death of the owner.

At the same time, the heirs did not enter ownership rights and did not give up their share.

  • The person has real estate, the area of which exceeds sanitary standards.

It is also possible to get a refusal to privatize land if there are land plots with different purposes.

Features of the house privatization procedure

The legislation of Ukraine specifies that houses and land plots that are communal or state property are subject to privatization. At the same time, in most cases, the privatization of the land plot is carried out simultaneously with the privatization of the real estate object. As a result, the house and land receive a unique cadastral number.

The following package of documents will be required for land privatization:

  1. Real estate documents establishing ownership.
  2. Sketches with instructions for the exact location of the allotment.
  3. Permission for the development of the land acquisition project.
  4. Technical documentation - permission to establish the boundary of the land plot.

The beginning of the privatization procedure is the submission of an application of the established model. The duration of the privatization procedure for individuals is about 10-12 months. It all depends on the basis on which the applicant uses the land.

It is difficult enough to privatize a house on your own. It is better to entrust this matter to real professionals. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you privatize a house and land as quickly and efficiently as possible, taking into account all the nuances of current Ukrainian legislation. You will not need to waste time on long red tape.

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